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RLTY Partners with Web3 Mega-Event NFT Expoverse to bring revolutionary Los Angeles Event to the Metaverse



Source: PR Newswire / RLTY

Metaverse events builder RLTY has announced a groundbreaking partnership with US-based NFT Expoverse to bring its three days Los Angeles based NFT exhibition to the Metaverse. The event will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center and simultaneously in Decentraland from the 29th to 31st July 2022.

NFT Expoverse will be an event not to be missed. But what if you can’t get to Los Angeles in the height of summer? That is where RLTY and Decentraland come in. RLTY are the metaverse event builders, with their suite of easy-to-use virtual event creation tools, financial and geographical barriers are no longer a consideration.

Visitors from Europe, Asia and the rest of the world can descend on NFT Exposure in the Decentraland metaverse for free thanks to RLTY.

As their first event in the huge and lucrative US market, NFT Expoverse marks a monumental step in the RLTY roadmap and means they are now playing in the same metaverse league as SXSW, Coachella and Warner Brothers Music, all of who have hosted virtual events for millions.

«We’re so excited to be bringing NFT Expoverse to Decentraland. Investors and digital natives from around the world want to be at these exhibitions; finding projects, learning about web3, blockchain and the future of entertainment. Using our tools in the metaverse gives them the opportunity. RLTY wants to make the metaverse the event industry’s new playground. The future of the industry is happening now.» Zack Sabban, CoFounder, RLTY

RLTY will be showcasing the power of its metaverse building tools for NFT Expoverse. Visitors will experience a fully customized building created exclusively for the event with a conference room where all the talks from the main stage in Los Angeles will be streamed live.

Further floors in the ambitious building will house an NFT art gallery curated by NFT Expoverse and, most exciting of all, a specially designed rooftop bar with entertainment and networking areas.

RLTY, already a major player

In June, RLTY announced it has closed on a €4 million pre-seed funding round for its suite of easy-to-use metaverse event building tools. The raise will enable RLTY to continue offering global brands and industry professionals bespoke metaverse event building solutions together with unique tailored virtual experiences for their customers. The founders of Sorare, The Sandbox, Meero and Jellysmack, as well as VC funds Kima Ventures, Blue Wire Capital, Stake Capital and Monoceros Venture all participated in the funding round.

RLTY delivers easy-to-use solutions that give brands and events access to virtual spaces, a 3D library of venues, buildings, rooms with customizable infrastructure, solutions for creating and distributing NFTs as well as marketing, gamification and monetization apps. It also provides a dashboard for tracking events and analyzing large amounts of data on participants, interactions, time spent, costs and revenue streams.

As Zack Sabban explained: «Metaverse platforms offer infinite possibilities for both companies and brands. Our mission is to provide access to these worlds and leverage them to create unique events for as many people as possible, free from geographical, cultural or financial obstacles. In the future, all events will have a twin in the virtual world and brands will be able to work with RLTY to create 100% virtual, more profitable and more effectively targeted events with integrated NFT and cryptocurrency payment solutions. RLTY is currently the only one-stop shop for creating metaverse events from A to Z and we are proud to be backed by the biggest names in the meta sphere.»

About RLTY

RLTY was launched in January 2022 by Raphaël Assouline and Jérôme Guilmet (co-founders of Geronimo Agency) and Zack Sabban (co-founder of Festicket & Event Genius). It is the first international player to offer a service that designs virtual events in the metaverse in partnership with brands, major festivals, artists, art fairs and exhibitions, conferences, fashion shows, luxury brands, corporations and NFT communities. It aims to become the No. 1 global metaverse event planner. Learn more at

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