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Rex Teo led Upstairs in Becoming Asia 1st Custodial NFT Marketplace



Source: GlobeNewswire / Upstairs

Upstairs is a newly developed blockchain platform in the industry. In the latest development, the company has built a base technology and platform that provides credible utility for NFTs and is user-friendly for the masses.

The company is making NFT trading for modern-day consumerism and providing intuitive user interfaces that could bridge the gap for users unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets. Upstairs is also the go-to for artists who engage with their fans in the ever-dynamic Web3 space and for collectors who want to browse premium and exceptional art curated from their favorite brands and artists. The current strategies that have been added are as follows:

  • Lowest Overall Fees

It offers zero gas fees with no extra hidden costs. The 6% capped fees include Platform and Royalties fees.

  • Exclusive IP Collaborations

People can browse premium and exceptional art curated from their favorite brands and artists.

  • Seamless User Experience

The company facilitates its users with easy sign-up with email, multi-language support, and pay with fiat via their proprietary payment gateway with a real-time NFT rarity ranking tracker.

  • Earn More and Trade

Users can join their referral and automatic rebate programs and earn more while reducing transaction costs.

About Upstairs

Upstairs is a custodial NFT marketplace that curates only the most exclusive, practical, and reputable NFTs for you. Our top priority is ensuring you have the best experience. It implies that users can expect the lowest overall fees of any marketplace, sleek and intuitive user interfaces, and a simple email sign-in process to make browsing and trading a breeze.

The Blockchain Services of Upstairs are supported by a team comprising premier industry experts, blockchain veterans, and engineers. The company focuses on delivering the best curated digital collections and the lowest overall fees with wallet-less access.

About the CEO of Upstairs – Rex Teo

Rex Teo is a Blockchain Developer, Entrepreneur, and NFT Creator, currently serving as a CEO and Co-Founder of Upstairs. He has emerged as a rising star in the NFT field after he amassed over 170k followers in just a few months on both personal and corporate accounts combined in the recent progress.

Rex Teo is passionate about blockchain & cryptocurrency. Therefore, he founded the famous Mutant Ape Kids Club (MAKC) as his 1st blockchain venture and the Bored Ape Teen Club (BATC). With Rex Teo’s constant hard work and innovative strategies, MAKC generated over 15 million USD in Sales Volume, reached the Top 500 All-Time in Global ranking, and became the leading authority in NFT development & project management in both Southeast Asia and Singapore. 

The MAKC has reached the top 500 all-time in Opensea. This collection is displayed in a blue tick on Opensea, only meant for top-rated projects with substantial volume.  

In 2022, Rex Teo Co-founded Upstairs, Asia’s first custodial NFT marketplace. A very successful entrepreneur in the blockchain space, he is often invited to attend conferences or give speeches on the prospects of NFT and blockchain. 

For further information about Rex Teo, visit his official social accounts:

LinkedIn | Twitter

Potential users and blockchain enthusiasts can visit the following links for upcoming updates about the Upstairs:

Website | Linkedin

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