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Researchers Develop «Crypto Literacy Scale» to Measure Consumer Financial Knowledge



A trio of researchers from the University of Cincinnati has recently unveiled a groundbreaking development in the realm of cryptocurrency education – the Crypto Literacy Scale (CLS). This innovative tool aims to standardize and measure economic and financial knowledge concerning consumers’ understanding of cryptocurrencies and related technology, targeting both consumers and policy-makers.

The team’s research article, titled «Measuring Cryptocurrency Literacy,» outlines the disparity between traditional financial literacy and cryptocurrency literacy, highlighting the necessity for a Crypto Literacy Scale and policies that support global efforts in cryptocurrency education and literacy.

According to the article:

«Measuring financial literacy has encouraged policymakers and educators to create programs that enhance financial decision-making and increase financial empowerment. However, there is no corresponding similar scale to measure cryptocurrency literacy.»

The researchers emphasize that financial literacy «also plays a pivotal role in scam prevention by equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to make informed financial decisions.»

To develop the CLS, the team treated cryptocurrency literacy as distinct from general financial literacy. «Cryptocurrencies may appear as more traditional financial products on the surface,» write the researchers, but due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, decision-making processes learned through a regular financial literacy curriculum often do not translate to the world of cryptocurrencies.

The researchers studied various aspects of cryptocurrencies and distilled the fundamental knowledge requirements they deemed necessary for demonstrating a basic understanding into 10 questions. While the specific questions weren’t shared in the article, attached images indicate that respondents were asked about their experience with cryptocurrencies.

The implications of this development are significant. The Crypto Literacy Scale could serve as a vital tool in increasing education and awareness about cryptocurrencies, arming consumers against scams, and potentially unlocking the wealth-generation potential inherent in the world of cryptocurrencies. With a standardized metric for measuring cryptocurrency literacy, educators and policymakers could design more targeted programs to bridge the knowledge gap and empower individuals to make informed decisions in this rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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