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Reddit to Reward Busiest Members with NFT Avatar Airdrop



Source: Nftplazas / Tokoni Uti

Back in July, Reddit made a leap into the NFT space by launching NFT avatars for its users. Now, almost two months later, Reddit has announced yet another NFT venture. This time, the social media platform will be airdropping free NFTs to some of its users. 

Reddit NFTs

As per an official post by the Reddit team, it was explained that the NFTs will only be given to top users with high amounts of karma. In the Reddit ecosystem, karma is a point system that users can accumulate by participating in the community by posting and engaging with others. 

Essentially, Reddit is only rewarding those who have been the most active within its communities. The Reddit karma system has been in existence for years and this NFT airdrop is a way of adding practical value to a high karma score, as the post explains. 

“Today marks a new phase in the Collectible Avatars journey. One that may finally answer the question, “What are all these internet points good for?” the post says. 

Those who are chosen will be able to choose from four collectable avatar types; Aww Friends, Drip Squad, Meme Team, and The Singularity. These NFTs are based on the Polygon blockchain and will be disbursed soon.

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