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Real uses of blockchain in the industry, to debate at the University of Alcalá



Source: Observatorioblockchain

The Higher Polytechnic School of the University of Alcalá (Spain) will hold a conference tomorrow, Wednesday, on the uses of blockchain technology in different industries. Under the title: «Blockchain and new scenarios of the digital industry», the participants will expose the way in which the chain of blocks is already changing important sectors of the economy.

The conference will also address the influence of blockchain technology on the new economic models and the new forms of investment that are emerging around them. The focus will also be on the blockchain as a possible area of ​​specialization for knowledge and academia. Likewise, the professional opportunities that the study of this technology can have for engineers, integrators, operators, telecommunications industries and businesses will be discussed.

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Blockchain University of Alcalá

The inauguration of the course will be in charge of Carmelo García Pérez, vice rector of the Guadalajara Campus of the UAH; Antonio Portilla Figueras, director of the UAH Polytechnic School; Israel Marco Tejón, councilor of new technologies of the City Council of Guadalajara. Alfonso Guijarro Martinez, president of Fedeticam and ICT companies of CLM; and Hilario Martinez Lopez, of the Board of the Official College COITT-CLM.

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José Javier Medina Muñoz, Doctor in Political Sciences and Sociology and Telecommunications Engineer, will open the turn of the interventions with a talk on the «New digital scenarios and their potential in companies and citizen use». Next, several professionals who are already working with blockchain technology in the fields of music, sports, cybersecurity and real estate will discuss the state of the art of Blockchain in the aforementioned areas. The table is attended by Gabi Urrutia, Vice President of Security at Halborn , a leading cybersecurity company in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, and professor at SANS, the most prestigious cybersecurity training school in the world.

Gabi Urrutia, a Spaniard in Halborn, heart of DeFi cybersecurity

Blockchain lights and shadows

Alberto Rojo, co-founder of Subter3, the Web3 arm of Subterfuge Records, the benchmark independent record company in Spain, and bassist for the musical group Niña Polaca . Guillermo Callejo Fernández, economist and manager of digital asset projects at the Atlético de Madrid football club; and with Gabriela Roberto, business director of Nash21 , a tokenization and trading platform for rental contracts, and co-founder of Agrotoken. The table will be moderated by Covadonga Fernández, director of the Blockchain Observatory.

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Next, Eusebio Felguera-Garrido, head of Digital Public Policy at Telefónica, will speak on «Industrial Applications and the Metaverse». After the lunch break, at 4:00 p.m., Enrique de Miguel Ambite, Telecommunications Engineer and Vice Dean of the COITT-CLM, will explain how smart contracts can represent an efficient opportunity for the private and public sectors. The lights and shadows of the blockchain will be dealt with by Marçal Mora Cantallops, an Industrial Engineer from the UPC.

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