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Rarible Turns Barista with GM Mfer-Themed Coffee



Source: Nftplazas / Russell

In the big bad world of the fully functional adult, coffee represents a jet-black elixir to get many people through the day. As a result, Rarible has recognized its invaluable contribution and partnered with Creation Coffee to produce its own Mfers-themed blend.

Taking inspiration from a single off-the-cuff tweet, the folks over at Rarible decided to make the dream a reality by going into business with the experts over at Creation Coffee to put together the ‘GM Mfer’ line of caffeinated drink. The result is expected to be a high-quality beverage that apparently boasts ‘bullish’ flavour notes and celebrates the Mfers NFT collection in style.

Those with a fondness for the black stuff can purchase a 10oz pack (283g) for $17.50 via the Creation Coffee shop. However, the extremely exclusive drink remains limited to just 200 packs, and only shippable to denizens of the USA. Furthermore, in the spirit of goodwill, 25% of proceeds will head straight to the Mfers community treasury.

Unknown to many, a large component of the Rarible payroll has a vested interest in the Mfers collection. Therefore, urging that the project comes from its unwavering support of the project rather than their status as an NFT marketplace.

“did Rarible drop a coffee line for mfers?” “nope, mfers built one for mfers.” – Adam Ilenich – Rarible

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