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ORIGIN Metaverse and’s new partnership is set to turn the real estate industry on its head. 

ORIGIN Metaverse, a real estate technology company that uses Web3 technology and is developing a virtual real estate marketplace, announced last week through its social networks its first inventory affiliate partner,, with the goal of making digital real estate increasingly accessible., based in Miami, Florida, is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, connecting buyers and sellers to the global condominium market. showcases more than 5 million properties for sale, rentals and vacation rentals and has a proprietary database of more than 150,000 buildings where visitors can view floor plans, active inventory, among other utilities. 

With this new partnership, will now have the unique ability to list its inventory on the ORIGIN marketplace with the ability for these properties to transact in NFTs format, enhancing the user experience. ORIGIN minimizes and simplifies the steps to complete a transaction, making it attractive to inexperienced buyers.  

« is a great brand to bring into the ORIGIN ecosystem. The collection will strengthen our conventional real estate offering and allow us to expand the reach of the real estate industry by introducing Web 3.0.» – Fred Greene, Founder of ORIGIN 

ORIGIN will provide a private and accessible virtual real estate marketplace for users to buy, sell and rent metaverse land, as well as to seamlessly and securely conduct conventional real estate transactions in NFT format.

About ORIGIN Metaverse 

ORIGIN Metaverse is a real estate technology company that leverages Web3 by providing users with the ability to buy, sell, rent and fractionalize metaverse land and to conduct physical real estate transactions as NFT. ORIGIN’s virtual real estate marketplace unifies several metaverse platforms into a simple, secure and streamlined marketplace. ORIGIN’s mission is to be the bridge between worlds and the catalyst for mass adoption of real estate in the metaverse and as NFTs. 

To learn more about ORIGIN Metaverse, visit

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