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P2E Market Dominated by ‘Rug Pulls’, New Project Announced with Renewable NFT Card



Source: EIN News

According to data from CoinGecko and HCT, the P2E project HeroCat’s own game coin lost more than 99.9% last week. It appears to have sold and transferred Binance USD (BUSD) stable coins which are worth about $151,000 on a large scale. HeroCat has not yet updated the public with any response.

After the notorious rug pull of Squid game last year, rug pull cases continue to occur in the P2E market. According to the report by Chainalysis, more than $2.8 billion in cryptocurrency damage occurred in 2021 alone. There is a project drawing attention in this P2E market. Team NODE’s first Play to Earn game, E-Racing.NODE, incorporates the Renewable NFT concept into P2E.

E-Racing.NODE is a game set in the future, in which users race in their car after installing a Sci-Fi car engine NFT. This NFT is planned to reappear as a very important factor in growing plants in NODE’s second game, E-Plants.NODE. In the third game, the NFT in the first game and the NFT in the second game are both renewable. The game is also designed to benefit users beyond simple use. This suggests that the project will continue and presents great economics at the same time. As a result, there is finally a solution for anxious individuals holding NFTs, which became data fragments due to a rug pull or inflation, a reason to deviate from the pattern aimed only at simply cashing in on P2E. The meaningful gaming of holders is not over there. It has a system that contributes to the environment just by enjoying E-Racing.NODE.

Because universal damage from abnormal weather is severe due to global warming, a certain portion of each commission in the game will be spent on funding and donations to support companies working on carbon zero. The E in NODE means ‘Eco’ in the first place.

Their final roadmap is directed to a NODE metaverse where NFTs and tokens obtained from all these games are useful. In the future planned NODEVERSE, unlike the existing metaverses, many elements that can be combined with reality will be added in large quantities. They also reward loyal holders who have been with NODE from the beginning with greater benefits than users who come in after the metaverse has been created.

If the amount of coins in the market is enough for new entrants to digest, the life expectancy of the ecosystem will be maintained and prolonged. The longer the project life and the larger the volume, the greater the profit will be for those who chose options other than monetization and those who reinvested in the games. With this connection, the project is innovative in a way that has never been done before. A NODE administrator said, «There should be no more rug pulls in the P2E market. Users need to check whether the project has an ongoing plan.»

About NODE:

NODE is an innovative new company in the Play to Earn space. They are currently in development of their first game, E-Racing.NODE which is a racing game set in a dystopian, Sci-Fi future. The engine of each player’s car is an NFT and this same NFT can be used again in their two upcoming games, E-Plants.NODE and another game which is yet to be named. This provides users with more value than traditional P2E games as the NFT is renewable. As a result, users can stand to generate more potential yields by holding on to their original NFT. Additionally, NODE stands firmly against Rug Pulls and they are dedicated to creating high quality gaming experiences for everyone to enjoy. NODE also operates a successful Discord channel.

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