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OVER Strives To Be The AR Platform For Fashion As New NFT Stylist Program Launches



Source: Cryptonews

As the world continues to become more and more digitized, one of the most exciting aspects of what DeFi-related technology, namely cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, and the metaverse, can do is industry-based. of fashion While shopping online is certainly not a new trend by any means, what’s new is being able to dress up virtually in digital dressing rooms and, through the innovative use of AI, AR, and VR technology, actually see what you’d look like without even stepping out of comfort. of your home.

With that in mind, OVER has launched the NFT Stylist Program to help facilitate this new concept and develop a defined virtual space dedicated to 3D clothing designers and fashion houses, which would also function as a marketplace where these creators could sell their creations. .

What is the OVER offer?

OVER, the global open source AR platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, has launched the NFT Stylist Program with the aim of revolutionizing the fashion industry. With this program, users can ‘try on’ digital clothing and then purchase it as NFTs to show off their personality through their avatars.

Through the OVER metaverse, the team can help define the digital identity of the OVER community and receive important feedback from users. OVER is therefore a space where art can be seen without regard to dress code or color and material limitations. As a result, OVER wants to have a page entirely dedicated to the program, which will provide important details on how to apply. There will also be a form on this page that requires users to enter personal information, as well as some of their creations.

The TINUS Affiliate Program

TINUS affiliate program facilitates effective communication between 3D artists and fashion brands. Additionally, it enables content creators to enter the Web 3.0 space by designing digital clothing and accessories that can be sold on OVER’s open source global AR platform backed by the Ethereum Blockchain.

The TINUS Affiliate Program allows participants to contribute to the definition of ‘Digital Identity’ in relation to the citizens of the OVER Metaverse. As a result, OVER’s decentralized AR platform enables fashion brands, content creators, and 3D artists to strengthen their Web 3.0 brand presence, earn OVR tokens, collect critical feedback from their peers, and ultimately engage in the space. Web 3.0 which is fast becoming one. of the most popular and talked about digital industries around the world. Users can register to take advantage of this program and can also get more information about it if they wish.

A new era for fashion

It is no secret that the world is continually evolving and it seems that we are on the verge of the next big global change in what many call the Web3 era. In that future, everyone will most likely live in more or less fully digitized societies, so all industries will have to adapt to this change in order to survive. 

The fashion and apparel space is no different, and through the OVER NFT Stylist Program mentioned above, users will not only have a chance to win, but will also be able to participate in something that will truly change the industry for the better. Additionally, users will receive visibility along with crucial customer feedback on builds and what can be improved.

Ultimately though, there can no longer be any debate about the fact that the world is changing and it is no longer just about wearing a particular garment, as the current emphasis is really on ‘living the dress’. In this way, users can create and showcase their creations to customers around the world, and the potential for such a program truly seems endless as creators around the world seek to monetize their passion. Be sure to follow OVER’s Twitter, Discord, and Telegram channels for more information.

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