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Outer Ring MMO Will Drop 20 Million Random Generative NFT Weapons



Source: Bitcoinethereumnews

Outer Ring MMO is releasing its NFT Loot Boxes next June 29th. With this drop, more than 350,000 ERC-721 tokens will be minted , validating in-game assets such as weapons, armors, or vehicles. 

But what is the Outer Ring doing differently? 

The 180,000 20,000,000 Lootboxes for sale contain more than 13 14 XNUMX random combinations of weapons. When future players open these vaults, they will start to fill their inventory with rifles, snipers, blades… There are XNUMX different types, each with up to XNUMX combinable parts.

Each of these weapons has different Tiers, Rarities and Stats determined by the pieces that compose it. But the Lootboxes Launch will mint less than 5% of these weapons. Once the game is released, players must invest time collecting materials, completing missions, and raising their skills to craft each of the pieces that make up the weapons.

Attract and empower players

  • Breaking the barriers to entry and fear of blockchain.
  • Let players create their own NFTs
  • A player-driven economy

The game is free to play and allows non-crypto gamers to enjoy their MMORPG gameplay without interacting with the Blockchain. Assets can be traded in-game using EXO (their soft in-game currency) or minted for export to external markets and Galactic Dex.

All assets (materials, weapons, armor…) are generated as part of the game or created by players. This is called a player-driven economy. Players will compete for resources, craft their own weapons and NFT generative items, and earn income by trading them in a free tokenized market.

How to enter the universe of the outer ring?

Outer Ring launched its GQ governance token in March. On the same day, they opened their Staking system where players could generate in-game materials (Iron, Vanadium, Nickel…) and Space Coursaire Keys, the currency used to buy Lootboxes at a 50% discount.

At the end of this month: June 22nd for White List winners and June 29th Open Sale, players will choose from these Lootboxes: 

  • Level 1. 50000u. $15 BUSD
  • Level 2. 15000u. 60 BUSD
  • Tier 3. 7500u. $150B
  • Tier 4. 5000u. $240 BUSD
  • Tier 5. 2500u. $800 BUSD
  • Clan level. 500u. $1500 BUSD

The giveaway will use VRF Chainlink to help provide randomness to each NFT along with publicly verifiable proof directly on-chain that the randomness was not tampered with. 

In them, you will find EXO, materials, armors, Generative NFT weapons, land and space vehicles and Clan Badges. These NFTs will be used to unlock experiences and gain special access to Tech Demos (testing demos for mechanics frequently used by the team), raffles, whitelists for lands and other collaborating projects, or the opportunity to read the novel that inspires the Universe of the Ring outside .

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