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OpenSea incorporates additional measures to combat NFT theft



Source: Cryptonews

During the last few months, asset theft continues to be one of the biggest problems in the NFT space, which is why leading companies in the market such as OpenSea have decided to incorporate new solutions to this problem. OpenSea recently announced that its policies prohibit knowingly selling stolen items under US law.

How the new prevention measures will work

The new update will allow you to confirm all stolen item bulletins on the NFT platform. In other words, without a report within seven days, the platform will again allow the buying and selling of the reported item to prevent false reports. OpenSea also reported that it is working on finding other solutions to address the problem of NFT theft at its root by automating the detection of threats and theft. Everything indicates that the developers of the platform are increasingly concerned with protecting users against NFT scams, ensuring that only legitimate transactions are visible in the market.

NFT Theft Prevention

Over the months, cybercriminals have found new strategies to carry out NFT scams and thefts. However, there are some important steps to make NFT trading more secure, for example: Never share your passphrase or password. Always review your direct message history and verify its origin. Do not click on any links that promise freebies and offers. If you’re tempted to click, check carefully who sends the links first, and especially on Discord. Try to keep your most valuable assets in a «cold wallet.» Try using a hardware wallet. Get a password manager for all your wallets and accounts. These types of tools help generate and save complex passwords.

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