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Open Metaverse Alliance invites Web3 companies to build the decentralized internet



Source: Observatorioblockchain

Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3) invites companies developing Web3 to build the decentralized internet. For this, it has carried out the creation of several working groups. The organization, which is made up of platforms such as Decentraland or The Sandbox, underlines in a statement its commitment to interoperability, standardization and ownership of virtual worlds. 

Open Metaverse Alliance

The objectives of OMA3 are aligned with those pursued by the European Commission in the metaverses. At the end of September, the Commission issued a document warning that private virtual worlds should be developed on an interoperable basis, in order to ensure that the technologies prosper without hindrance. The European body compared metaverses to new public squares where online digital interactions have the potential to be amplified like never before. «No private player should have the key to the public square or set its terms and conditions,» he said.

The big technology companies come together to promote an open and interoperable Metaverse

OMA3 was the response to the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF), a forum created in June this year by the major technology platforms. MSF is made up of names like Meta, Alibaba, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Sony, IKEA, Huawei, Epic Games or the World Wide Web Consortium. Like OMA3, these firms also say they have come together to push for an open and interoperable metaverse. 

The truth is that today it is still too early to guess which metaverse model will end up prevailing in the future. The centralized ones, like those powered by Meta or Microsoft, or the decentralized ones, powered by the companies that are in the Open Metaverse Alliance? The situation is confusing, because Meta itself, which for years has represented the paradigm of centralization, is launching programs to finance startups that develop Web3 technologies focused on the metaverse. And some of their companies, such as Instagram, already allow the sale of NFTs.

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OMA3 announced yesterday the creation of working groups to define and organize their roles and responsibilities. As the organization mentions in a statement , each of these groups will have specific tasks. Like the creation of standards focused on interoperability to allow users to move between the different existing virtual worlds. OMA3 has also created an «asset transfer» working group , focused on standardizing the digital infrastructure needed to manage and move digital assets in the metaverse, between the various virtual worlds. 

The big companies of the metaverse create OMA3, a DAO to facilitate interoperability

There is also the legal working group , which will be responsible for examining the regulations and rules related to the metaverse. This group will be in charge of guaranteeing the protection and legal use of intellectual property within decentralized applications. This working group will monitor the evolution of the regulatory environment for Web3.

OMA3 invites all companies that wish to participate and form part of its working groups. Interested companies and organizations can join as a «creator member» through its web portal. The working groups were announced during the Web Summit technology conference being held these days in Lisbon (Portugal). 

What is OMA3?

Open Metaverse Alliance was born as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) last July. Animoca Brands, Dapper Labs, MetaMetaverse, and Web3 infrastructure provider Wivity are among its founding members. Also part of OMA3 are the metaverses and Web3 projects Alien Worlds, SPACE Metaverse, SuperWorld, The Sandbox, Upland and Voxels. 

One company that recently announced its integration into this organization was the decentralized domain provider Unstoppable Domains. Sandy Carter, Founder of WoW3, Senior Vice President and Channel Director at Unstoppable Domains, broke the news via her Twitter account. 

Upland Co-Founder and Co-CEO Dirk Lueth highlighted that OMA3’s mission is to propose and set the operating standard for interoperability in the Metaverse. For his part, the co-founder and director of operations of The Sandbox, Sébastien Borget, stated that the standards that the organization will create will allow users to interact and bring elements to the different interconnected virtual worlds. 

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Web3 Domain Alliance

In addition to joining OMA3, Unstoppable Domains also announced the creation of the Web3 Domain Alliance organization, focused on guiding Web3 domains. Some of the projects that have joined this new alliance are Tezos Domains, Polkadot Name System, Bonfida, Hedera, Syscoin, among others. Like OMA3, Unstoppable Domains invites all companies and projects that wish to join the Web3 Domain Alliance. 

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