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Open Loot, a platform launched by Bit time to educate about web3



With this tool they seek that web2 developers can acquire knowledge and venture into the world of web3.

The company known for its extensive performance in the developer and publisher of the action role-playing game «Big Time», has made the announcement of its next release, a new tool called Open Loot that aims to help developers implement many more strategies to help them easily implement web3 games.

It also eliminates the need for the client to delve much deeper into web3 topics, such as wallet management and payments, since it facilitates these transactions.

As mentioned by the «nftplazas» portal, OL will allow developers to integrate a token-based economy into their games while adding a non-fungible technology point to manage characters and game elements.

The Open Loot marketplace offers zero gas fees with instant settlement of transactions so players can easily exchange NFTs. In addition, the marketplace has a smooth and exciting user interface that will allow you to transact seamlessly.

OL is aimed at web2 developers, as they find it difficult to venture into the blockchain (Web3) gaming space. Using the platform, developers can distribute NFT through airdrops, auctions, fixed-price sales and loot boxes.

In addition, developers do not need to struggle with customer support, payment issues or fraud prevention. Other relevant features of the platform include marketing support, credit card support, chargeback management, multi-chain deposit support, integrated game analytics and more.

About Big Time

Is an exciting adventure through time and space, offering players the opportunity to explore shared open worlds and build their own personal metaverse.

Also known as a multiplayer action role-playing game that makes collectible NFTs accessible to all.

Big Time’s Timelines system allows players to level up the same character in multiple class paths and switch to the desired class on the fly.

In this sense Big Time allows you to customize every aspect of your avatar collection’s appearance with limited edition NFT based items. It also allows you to trade NFTs on our highly accessible marketplace that opens up the spaces to the full power of cryptocurrencies.

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