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Source: EINNews

When a low market cap, tax-free crypto project is backed by a growing franchise of brick-and-mortar cafes, brand new possibilities open up when it comes to use cases, and NFT innovation.

One Immortl’s pilot Fractionalized NFT (FNFT) collection, now in beta, will soon be available for public minting. The unique debut NFT series will yield real-world dividends from profits gained from One Nation cafes.

The first series will be directly linked to the flagship One Nation Cafe in Munich, Germany.

After nearly three years of planning, owners Dennis Stolper and Kellen Miller were thrilled to share what they’re calling a “new, innovative way to invest in real business on the blockchain.”

NFT owners will earn monthly dividends based on the success of the cafe franchise location, and more cafes are due to open in the coming year.

The first One Nation cafe opened in December 2021. The One Immortl team is already in the process of opening an additional cafe in Phoenix, Arizona, with Dubai and Portugal on the roadmap.

The first series will have 100 FNFTs. Additional NFT series will be released as more cafes open across the map.

“This is just the start,” said owner Dennis Stopler in an interview with Polygon Studios. “This is not an idea that we want to keep to ourselves. We want to share this innovation with the NFT world and revolutionize the way people think about NFTs.”

What is One-Immortl?
A dual loyalty and fiat/crypto mobile wallet application.
Given the mounting demand for convenience, One Immortl takes advantage of the technological developments in the mobile and online space of payment and blockchain technology with the ONE app.

This is a hybrid app that will unite the disintegrated customer loyalty program environment and reward all buyers for living a healthy lifestyle. This platform excellently combines a rewards program with an online and blockchain payment system bringing all lifestyle and sustainable brands together into an all-in-one application.

One Immortl has also secured official partnerships with projects like Safemoon and Polygon. One Immortl and One Nation Cafes are also official Polygon event hosts. These live events are planned by the One Immortl team, and sponsored by the likes of BMW, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull.

Visit to learn more about how to start earning today. Follow the team on social media to learn how to get involved.

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