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Omni X and Findora Partnership to Bring Privacy to Cross-Chain NFT Transactions



Source: PR Newswire / Findora

As NFT use cases diversify, the need for privacy increases.

Findora and Omni X have announced a new partnership on social media to advance privacy for NFTs. The partnership will bring together leading teams in Web3 privacy and interoperability, opening a new frontier in potential NFT utility.

With NFTs taking on use cases beyond digital art, privacy and interoperability become increasingly important. NFTs may soon have real-world applications like proving ownership, verifying votes, and credentialization – all of which will depend on a private and interoperable network. Findora and Omni X seek to create that network.

Both projects feature exciting new technology for Web3. Findora is a leader in zero-knowledge proofs and smart-contract privacy, and Omni X is on the cutting-edge of NFT interoperability.

Findora revolutionizes blockchain technology, integrating a UTXO ledger optimized for zero-knowledge proofs with an EVM extension. By parallelizing these layers, Findora lets developers leverage the utility of both models. Findora is not only a Layer 2 scaling project nor just a private payment application, but rather a settlement layer for Web3 with native privacy and EVM programmability.

Omni X is more than an NFT marketplace – it liberates NFTs from the chains on which they were minted. «But we aren’t stopping there,» said Daniel Koshman, Founder of Omni X. «This partnership with Findora allows us not only to transform the NFT space but also prepare it for its next iteration.»

«We couldn’t be more excited for the partnership,» said Dylan Kawalec, Findora’s head of Business development. «We’ve predicted the need for privacy NFTs for a long time and working with Omni X will allow us to be the first to build next-generation infrastructure for NFTs.»

About Findora

Findora scales Ethereum privacy with next-generation zero-knowledge proof technology. Findora is poised to use privacy to make DeFi a safe place for individuals and financial institutions. Learn more at

About Omni X

Omni X is the first natively omnichain NFT platform and marketplace. Powered by LayerZero technology, Omni X connects communities and creators to unparalleled liquidity and already supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom, with Flow and Aptosintegrations coming soon. Learn more at

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