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OG.Art — New dynamic NFT art that keeps evolving after it is sold



Source: NFT Culture / Natalee

OG.Art — a new place for carefully curated collections of dynamic generative art — is about to launch. It will suggest a new approach to creative collaboration, where art collectors become artists themselves and digital art turns into an everlasting act of co-creation.

Unique Mechanics

On OG.Art platform the leading artists from the crypto and traditional art worlds will develop projects based on dynamic NFT technology and community interaction. This technology permits artists to create art collectibles that respond to web3, online, or IRL events and can keep evolving even after they are sold. Collectors’ data, their behavior in digital space, or even weather conditioning may trigger the changes — the artists’ imagination is the only limit. Due to this technology, collectors interacting with this art become its co-creators, being able to keep developing and complimenting the piece of art, potentially forever.

Soon OG.Art will be launching a new project with one to several thousand collectible elements every month. 

Proof of Concept

OG.Art’s origins lie in the OG:Crystals project. This dynamic NFTs collection is a collaboration between Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko with production and tech support by OG:Crystals were exhibited at the Hermitage, the largest museum in the world. It became one of the top-5 art projects on OpenSea, earned $4.2 million in primary sales and $9 million in secondary sales, and gained significant media coverage and traction on social media.

Additional Information 

Here you may find a comprehensive text about the project, its mission, history, and visuals for publications.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

✦ For media requests, please contact Alex Shcherbina

Coming soon

Soon we’ll announce new OG artists, whitelists for new collections, an ambassador program, partnerships, and other news about the project. To stay updated, please subscribe to our OG.Art newsletter.

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We believe it’s the next chapter in generative NFT art, and we hope you’ll join us in more creative experiments.

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