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Nvidia, US National Science Foundation partner for AI advancement

Nvidia and the National Science Foundation partnered to launch the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource pilot to advance responsible AI discovery and innovation.



Source: Cointelegraph

Nvidia, one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) chip manufacturers, and the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) announced a new partnership that will support a new AI research initiative. 

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot has the goal of widening access to the tools needed for “responsible AI discovery and innovation.” Nvidia has committed $30 million in contributions of its technology over the next two years.

The developer plans to collect insights from researchers using its platforms to enhance the effectiveness of the technology, while contributing NVIDIA DGX Cloud AI supercomputing resources and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

NAIRR has 10 additional partners throughout the U.S. government, including the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, among others.

Sethuraman Panchanathan, the NSF director, called the collaborations on the NAIRR pilot an underscoring of the “urgency” of developing such resources for the “future of AI in America.”

“By investing in AI research through the NAIRR pilot, the United States unleashes discovery and impact and bolsters its global competitiveness.”

Eventually, the vision for NAIRR will be to provide access to computing, data, models, and software for researchers and communities, according to Katie Antypas, the director of the Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure at the NSF.

The launch of the NAIRR pilot aligns with the goals of the Biden administration’s executive order on AI released in October 2023, which directed NSF to launch a pilot for NAIRR within three months.

NSF told Cointelegraph that it is prioritizing support for research advancing safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. This includes, “methods for AI testing, evaluation, and verification; improving accuracy and reliability of model performance; and advancing the ability to assure intended model behavior.”

“The NAIRR pilot will open opportunities to pursue AI research outside of well-resourced universities and private sector laboratories and will pilot support for computing and data resources for university classrooms.”

This comes as Nvidia also announced a new partnership with the data center operator Equinix on Jan. 24, to provide the firm’s corporate clients with supercomputing systems. 

Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia, said generative AI is “transforming every industry.”

“Now, enterprises can own NVIDIA AI supercomputing and software, paired with the operational efficiency of Equinix management, in hundreds of data centers worldwide.”

Equinix is California-based and is one of the world’s leaders in its share of global colocation data centers, with 248 data centers in 31 countries on five continents.

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