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NFT-themed Bored & Hungry restaurant banned crypto



Source: The Coin Republic / Nancy J. Allen

The recently established NFT-themed burger eatery Bored & Hungry, according to a Friday Los Angeles Times story, no longer takes cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for its burgers.

When questioned, a Bored & Hungry staff responded, “Not today – I don’t know,” to the Los Angeles Times. 

The person didn’t say when the decision was taken to remove cryptocurrency from the list of payment alternatives, nor did they know whether crypto payments would generate a profit.

People don’t want to buy from ETH

In April of this year, Bored & Hungry made its debut. At the time, a staff member told the Los Angeles Times that most of the restaurant’s patrons didn’t appear to be interested in crypto payment alternatives and that most of them didn’t seem to care about “the restaurant’s devotion to the crypto cause.”

People want to hang onto their Ethereum, another diner at the Bored & Hungry eatery told the Los Angeles Times. They won’t want to utilize it. “I don’t know how crypto purchases would function, with the crash,” remarked customer Richard Rubalcaba.

Many diners at the restaurant said that they only frequent the place for the cuisine and are not passionate crypto enthusiasts. We think this is on par with In-N-Out, if not better, said customer Jessica Perez.

The global crypto and macroeconomic collapse that is currently taking place seem to be in line with changes made to the venue’s payment policy. But do not worry, eager crypto enthusiasts! You may still go to Chipotle, which started using Flexa to accept cryptocurrency payments earlier in June. 

Numerous nations are subject to strict laws and control, and there are concerns about market contagion.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs that you’ve certainly seen all over social media and late-night TV shows are the inspiration for Bored & Hungry, which debuted in April. 

Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, and Snoop Dogg are the owners of versions, and Nguyen spent more than $330,000 on the ones that are on show at the restaurant.

 The entry-level pricing for one of the NFTs just dropped to less than $100,000 for the first time since last August, according to Decrypt, a crypto news site. 

However, much like the rest of the crypto economy, they are currently under market pressure.

Fortunately for the burger establishment, it appears that the majority of its clients don’t care about its connection to cryptocurrency. 

However, giving up on the idea that gave your business its first drive doesn’t seem good. Bored & Hungry is joining the tsunami of individuals who are fed up with cryptocurrency, maybe taking the name of the company a little too literally.

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