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NFT Artist Jeremy Ryan Launches the First NFT Charity Collection Providing Hurricane Relief Funds to Ian Victims



Source: GlobeNewswire / Super Gremlin

Hurricane Ian roared ashore on a barrier island off Florida’s southwestern coast on Wednesday afternoon, with 150-mile-per-hour winds and a 12-foot storm surge that submerged cars and knocked houses off their foundations in Fort Myers Beach and nearby towns. It is one of the most powerful storms to strike the United States in decades. 

While most of the region is wealthy and can rebuild itself, Fort Myers is the most impacted community being destroyed by winds over 155 mph and also the poorest. Hurricane Ian is “battering” southwest Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a news conference, pushing a storm surge as high as 12 feet in some areas.

NFT Artist and Super Gremlin’s founder, Jeremy Ryan is launching a charity NFT Mint on Few and Far, the newest NFT marketplace on the NEAR Blockchain to raise hurricane relief funds and donate back to locally impacted communities. 

Jeremy Ryan (Aka NFT Demon) is a brain cancer survivor turned NFT artist. He’s the largest artist on the BSC chain with some of his NFTs owned by Eminem. His past successful projects and new collection Super Gremlin are utilizing blockchain and NFT art and technology for social aims. 

With the help of the web 3 community and the community already present on the NEAR blockchain, Jeremy Ryan hopes to mint out this charity collection titled “Schnauzers In Trousers” and provide relief funds to the victims of Hurricane Ian.

The charity collection is made out of 2500 NFTs that will be available to mint on Few and Far next week. 

About Super Gremlin

Super Gremlin is an NFT Collection aimed to be different from every other project in the NFT space. While other projects focus on profits, the Super Gremlin community raises awareness and helps fund cancer research. Inspired by the story of its founder Jeremy Ryan, a brain cancer survivor, we aim to raise awareness & help various organizations through charitable contributions. The Super Gremlin community will also get to learn about NFT Art through various interactions with its founder aka NFT DEMON. 
To learn more about Super Gremlin, visit our Website Twitter | Discord|

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