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Nexus Voyagers NFTs – Empowering Web3 Entrepreneurship



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The current bear market conditions are taking a huge financial and emotional toll on creators and experts in the web3 development ecosystem. Nobody knows when the next NFT revolution will be or what it will look like, which means something has to change right about now, and Nexus Voyagers Network (NVN) is here to take on that grand responsibility.

The Resurgence Movement

The NFT space needs a new movement, one that will turn things around and spark a sustainable revitalization for existing and next wave creators; what NVN has dubbed ‘The Resurgence’. And, the engine behind the Resurgence Movement is the Nexus Voyagers NFT.

This is a unique, powerful and timely initiative designed specifically for NFT creators in all stages of development. The initiative serves NFT project creators who are in build mode and have not minted yet, and are maybe even pushing back the mint date, time and time again with all of the uncertainty in the market.

It is also for NFT project creators who are in the post-mint stage and are looking to revitalize and re-spark their existing community and holders. And finally, for NFT project contributors (i.e. developers, graphic designers, marketers, etc.) and NFT collectors who are interested in growing with the space.

Nexus Voyagers Utility NFTs

The Nexus Voyagers NFT provides access to an ecosystem of developers, artists, enthusiasts, and investors. As a holder, you will receive exclusive access to Voyager tools, networking events, and a premiere network of creators and entrepreneurs that are aligned with the ultimate goal of building web3 from the ground up.

This includes access to a Creator Toolkit; Builder Templates; a Launchpad; an Investor and Advisory Forum; a global network reach of more than one million professional contacts ranging from web2; web3, investors; NFT creators, artists, techies, and more; an NFT creator peer to peer network; a Resource Directory to creative financing; and epic IRL and hybrid event experiences.

Between all the tools, platforms, resources, and more to bring an NFT project to life, creators can find themselves totally overwhelmed and spinning their wheels when executing a vision. What is truly special about the Nexus Voyagers Network – and what I value the most from it – is the fact that it’s a one-stop shop for everything required to find success in this difficult market.” – Ben Yurcisin, Founder

Upcoming IRL Experiences

Nexus Voyagers has released a roster of its upcoming global events, where holders can get a taste of the ecosystem IRL and make lifetime connections. The events have been curated with the intention of facilitating authentic connection between creators and resources in the space, while also showcasing their creations and innovations from within the community.

The IRL experiences will take place in the first week of November 2022 around the world in the following cities: Ibiza, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Medellin, and Dubai, followed by the Metaverse! Check out the full world tour schedule here.

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