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MoonPets Rockets Into Orbit: Team Member Talks About Nearly Sold-Out NFT Collection’s Dynamic Traits, Future Utility



Source: BSC News

With MoonPets on the verge of selling out, Forest from the MoonPets team shares his thoughts on the hype and what the project will bring going forward.

MoonPets Soars on BNB Chain

Moonpets NFT collection has taken the BNB Chain Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ecosystem by surprise as they are nearing a sell-out within two weeks of launch.

“The hype comes down to amazing art and an innovative product. Cecy Meade is the best generative artist we’ve seen, so we knew having her onboard would bring a lot of attention,” Forest, a core team member at Moonpets NFT, told BSC News. “Besides her amazing art, we’ve got the first Dynamic NFT collection on BNBChain!”

What’s a dynamic NFT collection? Skol explains in a Twitter Thread:

“It is basically 11 NFTs in one. Each trait will soon be interchangeable between all your #pets. For now, just accessories. So I can take off the crown on my gold pet and put it on any of my #pets,” Skol said.

The Moonpets team launched their NFT collection on Aug. 11, featuring a variety of pets with various gear such as glasses, caps, collars, and other accessories created by Cecy Meade. Regarding the utilities, Forest stated:

“We’re redefining what NFT projects are all about. We don’t want to excite any fake utility to our community members, so we put our heads down to work hard. Yes, there will be airdrops, whitelist opportunities, and maybe even staking, but all of this and more will be announced when the time is right!”

It appears that the community is excited about owning the NFTs:

“The MoonPets community is full of trailblazers who want to be the first to try cutting-edge technology. Clearly, they love the art and the tech. You can see it in the collection’s volume,” Forest told BSC News.

At the time of writing, out of 5565 mintable pieces, 5466 NFTs are already minted. With a total volume trade of 858.5 BNB, the current floor price stands at 0.2 BNB, according to NFTKey. Forest shed more light on how the project will proceed in the coming days:

“We would also like to add that, in a way, the dynamic aspects and the interaction with the NFT is a utility in itself. However, we do have plans for wider adoption, especially outside of crypto, because of other use cases we will introduce steadily when ready. Many of them will be first of its kind features, as our research indicates none currently exist in the marketplace.”

Learn more about MoonPets in this article by Utulu Hope from BSC News.

What Is MoonPets:

MoonPets is a new NFT collection on BNB Chain. The protocol already launched Moon Passes in space. These Moon Passes give users safe passage to obtain the NFT collection when they go live.

Visit the following pages to learn more about MoonPets:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

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