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MoonPay and Magic are now available for users on Kinguin’s NFT Marketplace



Source: EIN News

Kinguin is today unveiling MoonPay and Magic in Kinguin’s NFT Marketplace, providing users with a new payment gateway and crypto wallet with a more secure and seamless experience. The partnership with MoonPay and Magic will further improve Kinguin’s venture into the crypto space as part of their ambitions with the Kinguinverse.

MoonPay is a payment gateway that allows users to transfer money between FIAT and crypto (ETH) – users will be able to exchange FIAT directly into Ethereum native coin and bridge these assets instantly and directly to Layer 2. Part of Magic’s implementation is their crypto wallet, that is compatible with all major blockchains and is simple and easy to register with – only needing an email address and not requiring users to have any prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Magic’s crypto wallet is secure and non-custodial with passwordless authentication making the user experience secure and even more fluid.

These two solutions are provided through the IMX blockchain infrastructure, the leading Layer 2 infrastructure built on Ethereum and allowing users to buy and sell NFTs. Kinguin’s use of the IMX infrastructure will provide a decentralised marketplace, ensuring that users have no further fees on their transactions. The IMX infrastructure offers a carbon neutral marketplace supporting global decarbonisation goals.

“Kinguin is constantly looking for solutions to bring closer and facilitate users to the subject of NFTs. Our recent partnership with IMX and the ongoing integration of top, proven and professional solutions on the market such as MoonPay and Magic will allow all users to take full advantage of the NFT marketplace. I am absolutely thrilled about allowing non-crypto users the possibility to jump into the NFT world without technical limitations compromising their exploration of technology of the future.” said Joanna Krupińska NFT Product Owner at Kinguin.

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