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MITO, NFT’s Hispanic Art Gallery, to Release Tokenized Music



Source: Observatorioblockchain

MITO, NFT’s Hispanic art gallery, celebrates its first anniversary by expanding into the world of music. The company will release tokenized music collections. With more than a thousand works sold, belonging to 28 collections by 27 Hispanic artists, MITO has launched a new rewards section. This is an area where collectors can meet artists and access additional content. The new section will allow artists to make each of their works the gateway to their supercommunity.


The Future of NFTs: It’s the Community, Stupid!

MITO Gallery is the first project developed by Rungie, a platform dedicated to building Web3 supercommunities through blockchain. Rungie, created in Barcelona last year, raised 1.5 million euros this summer, mainly from the Kfund venture capital fund. After a year of activity, the gallery indicates in a note that through the reward system it has implemented, the artist will be able to be closer than ever to his collectors. In addition, he will have the opportunity to do so by offering exclusive content, early access to his new collections or unique additional material for users who own his work.

The value of NFTs goes through the community and participation in their language

The developers of MITO want to position themselves as the first Web3 gallery in Latin territory that offers a reward system backed by blockchain and that works through wallets in a decentralized manner. In its desire to grow and position itself as the reference gallery for curated content from Spanish-speaking countries, MITO will create different divisions. It will do so based on alliances with different cultural and creative institutions. At the moment, in the field of music (MITO Music).

NFTs as a bridge from consumers to the Web3

Founded in September 2021, MITO features artists from Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Peru. The gallery also reports that it will launch nine new art collections through the end of the year. It will do so with creators from Argentina and Colombia. As prominent names, MITO points out: Funkyvision, Continental 1988 and Cris Valencia.

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