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MetaWin Launches Moonbirds Tournament With 26ETH NFT Prize



Source: BusinessWire

Groundbreaking Web3 tech company MetaWin is launching a one-of-a-kind tournament on Monday, July 11, where anyone can compete to win the highly coveted Blue-Chip NFT Moonbird #2678, worth 26ETH.

Championship qualifiers for ‘To The Moon’ last seven days, giving all who participate an equal opportunity to compete for their place in the final. Players who achieve six consecutive wins in a row will unlock access to the next round.

At this point, the lucky few will enter a nail-biting final where they will each be allocated 10 attempts on the Grand Final MetaWheel. The goal is to stack up as many wins as possible to achieve a high score. The finalist who has the most wins will be awarded the high-value NFT prize.

Moonbird #2678 features purple eyes, a stark body, grey background, brown feathers and a green mohawk. Only 2% of the NFTs in the collection have this hairstyle, making it a great rare addition to anyone’s wallet.

What’s more, its price has only risen in recent months, with the May price of 16ETH increasing to 26ETH just two months later – giving it huge potential in the NFT space.

The Moonbirds Tournament can be accessed in just a few simple steps.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Connect.
  3. Log into your MetaMask account – this is most conveniently done when using the Chrome extension.
  4. Sign the message to confirm you have access to the wallet you’re connecting with.
  5. Enter a username and email address in case MetaWin needs to contact you.
  6. You will now be in the MetaWin lobby – click on To The Moon to enter the tournament!

More information about MetaWin can be found on

About MetaWin

Winning in Web3

MetaWin aims to provide a community-oriented brand by investing in opportunities centered around NFT ownership, collection and integration. The company features a team of over 50 talented and entrepreneurial marketers, designers, developers and data analysts who are developing game-changing products based on the belief that smart contract technology is set for mass adoption. We look ahead to a future where this technology will be an important part of our everyday lives and every item of value will be digitally registered on the blockchain.

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