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Meetkai’s Limited-Edition NYC NFT Is Now Available to All Times Square Visitors




The MeetKai Metaverse is being showcased from July 11th until August 11th in New York City. The activation takes place in Times Square, turning the 7th Avenue and 47th Street Billboard into a portal that allows users to access a Metaverse Times Square with a simple scan of a QR code.

Once in the world of MeetKai Metaverse, users can discover a Pokemon Go-like experience where they can roam freely in a hyper-realistic digital replica of Times Square, interact with other players, and explore an alternate world from the MeetKai Metaverse in Paris. In a virtual version of the Louvre, users can see the Mona Lisa without the crowds and meet the company’s unique AI-powered NPCs (non-player characters) that will act as conversation companions and guides for different experiences.

Most importantly, users will be able to claim a rare “Key to the City – NYC Edition” NFT. These keys will be exclusive to the New York City activation, and will never be available again afterward. They will unlock special features and prizes, and one will even give a lucky holder the chance to have a metaverse street named and created after them and their interests. For those not in NYC during the release, additional rewards and full-experience access will be available on the MeetKai website until August 11th.

MeetKai has also revealed that this “Phase 1 Beta release” will be the first in a series of live city activations, each of which will come with its exclusive Key NFT. Although future locations have not been revealed yet, the company says that users can look forward to seeing portals pop up in other US and international cities.

The AI company aims to create a virtual world that will bridge the gap between digital ownership and real-world impact, whether it’s buying a real piece of clothing in a metaverse store, or having an AI-powered interactive metaverse ad that generates real engagement. While the company’s full monetization strategy has not yet been revealed, its metaverse is blockchain-based, and the release of exclusive NFTs as part of the new “Key to the City” series points to the importance that digital assets will have in this metaverse.

In an interview with Authority Magazine, Co-Founder James Kaplan stated that alternative monetization methods, including Web3 and crypto technologies, are one of the three things that excite him most in the VR, AR, and MR industries today. “Previously, people assumed that monetization options could only exist in an App Store model,” he said. “There are now many more ways to monetize content.”

He went on to talk about the possibilities of decentralization and more direct monetization that Web3 brings, especially when combined with new tools for creating content and more accessible VR technology.

In line with Kaplan’s statements, MeetKai is innovating on all three of these fronts. In addition to offering exclusive NFTs, they are also offering AI cloud services for companies looking to create content in the metaverse, including virtual assistants, intelligent NPCs, and immersive metaverse ads. These services will help to create a metaverse that connects companies and customers, offering a variety of experiences from virtual entertainment to innovative learning platforms.

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