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Linktree is making updates that include integrations with Opensea



With these new features the company hopes to enable users to showcase their NFTs on their Linktree.

Linktree, a company characterized by a constant growth in new ways to empower content creators, beyond the link in the bio. You’ve probably heard of Web3: a new vision of the Internet based on blockchain that promises limitless opportunities for everyone and should be leveraged.

That’s why the hugely popular digital media launch pad, Linktree , has introduced a number of NFT-related updates to its platform, including integration with OpenSea, NFT-controlled access points and a new NFT gallery feature.

In a May 17 post on their official twitter account, they made the decision public with the message; «We’re excited about the possibilities of #Web3 in empowering creators. Today we are launching 3 new features that allow creators to elevate their Linktrees with Web3. We developed some of these features in collaboration with @OpenMar.»

The company says that with this new release, creators will have new ways to monetize their craft and create a digital identity.

According to «technews,» the new features were developed in partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea. The company’s new «NFT Gallery» link feature allows users to showcase their NFTs on their Linktree. Creators can add the URL of an OpenSea collection to generate a preview and have the option to connect their Metamask wallets to verify collection ownership. Or, creators can connect their Metamask wallets and select up to six NFTs they own to display in their Linktree. Then, users can click on OpenSea to view and purchase available NFTs.

Creators can also use their NFTs as profile pictures or backgrounds on their Linktree after connecting their wallets. NFTs that have been verified will be displayed in a hexagonal frame to stand out as profile images.

Linktree also introduces a new NFT blocking feature that allows creators to block their links using a smart contract address. Only users who own NFTs of a particular collection will be able to unlock the link by connecting their wallets to prove ownership.

The company notes that it is leveraging OpenSea and Metamask to drive verification.

What is Linktree and how does it work?

Linktree is a tool that unites several links on a single page to facilitate traffic between your brand’s different websites. The main idea is to concentrate and organize all your links in a single link.

In this way, you will be able to take care of disseminating only that link with which the audience will be able to reach all the important content for your business.

In practice, Linktree generates a landing page with buttons that lead to the links you define. These buttons function as shortcuts to drive traffic to your e-commerce or other sites of interest such as your vlog.

So, instead of having to spread many links, something that is confusing and cumbersome for your community, you just have to focus on spreading your Linktree and keep it updated.

In this way, content creators will be able to get much more benefits to their NFT projects, and will be able to enjoy the new updates that the platform provides, thus being able to market these projects in a market as wide as Opensea and becoming known worldwide.

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