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Let them build: Democratizing game creation one player at a time



As metaverse gaming continues to flourish, developers have paired play-to-earn games with platforms allowing players to create their own.

Source: Cointelegraph / Bryan Conover

Awash in a seemingly endless stream of bad news, the public’s appetite for that which is not of this world has increased. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the explosion of the metaverse movement. From huge concerts and virtual real estate rushes to the rapidly expanding GameFi sphere, digital reality is now where it’s at.

But is the metaverse something that should be experienced in a primarily passive way? Most metaverse platforms have ways for users to share content and artwork, and there are even decentralized autonomous organization-governed Web3 games allowing players to participate in important decisions. But what about taking part in world creation itself? 

As the limits of what you can do in this sphere expand, one GameFi project is opening up a sandbox element on its platform that will give users the chance to develop and launch their own playable worlds. While the project is just getting started, its success could be very significant for the future of the gaming industry. 

An RPG-style, play-to-earn blockchain game 

Definity Legend is an upcoming fantasy game set in a digital universe where players will be able to compete against each other and complete various tasks to upgrade their characters, acquire in-game assets and virtual land and earn monetary prizes. The game follows the role-playing format where players choose a character type and embark on quests and missions. 

Each character is a nonfungible token (NFT) that can be acquired with the platform’s native DLD tokens. Once a player owns a character, they can then modify its appearance, armor and weapons, thereby increasing the character’s value, should they want to resell it.

Players can bring their stories to life

One of the key features that distinguishes Definity Legend from other metaverse games is its game editor sandbox mechanism. The game designers have built-in a game creation tool that will allow anyone interested to engage in world-building and launch their own playable games in the DL metaverse. 

The developers have made the game editor feature as simple as possible from a technological standpoint, meaning that world builders will not have to worry about coding or any under-the-hood work. Instead, they will have all the tools necessary to turn their ideas into virtual experiences that can be enjoyed by anyone in the Definity Legend metaverse. 

While the project is still in its early stages, its ultimate goal is to democratize game development similar to the way YouTube changed content creation. 

Definity Legends eyes funding and an initial launch 

Over the past year, the Definity Legends team has crafted an MVP and expanded it into the initial version of the game, which they are about to launch. The project is in its early stages and has set aside 25,000 unique utility NFTs to help build up its amount of players and associated community. These NFTs will be available via a free mint for early users of the Definity Legends ecosystem.

As the project continues to flesh out the parameters of the game and build its staking and in-game earning mechanisms, it has partnered up with Epik Prime, an industry leader in connecting brands and corporations with video games, apps and other digital landscapes. 

Funding for the project’s full development will come from public and private sales of the Definity Legend native DLD token. DLD is an in-game token that will constitute the primary means of exchange in the metaverse while also serving as a staking vehicle and operating as a digital asset outside of the game. Those interested in participating in an early private round sale of the DLD token can do so by registering on the project’s website.

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