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Lemon Cash gives free NFTs to its users 



Lemon Cash’s new Lemon Nation collection aims at Web3 and the metaverse. 

The aim of the new collection of the well-known Argentine exchange, Lemon Cash, is to expand the blockchain experience of its users by giving them, from August 2022, a free NFT to all users registered on the platform. In this way, they are helping their millions of users to accompany the company in its new stage on the Web3. 

Each user will be able to generate a single «Lemmy», which is an NFT from the collection. Each Lemmy has a unique design and code that cannot be altered and can be used as a profile ñpicture instead of the default designs that the platform previously provided. Lemon Nation plans to be one of the largest NFT collections in the world. 

Users will not be able to choose their Lemmy, these will be random, although Marcelo Cavazzoli, CEO of Lemon Cash, told Forbes Argentina that later it will be possible to exchange Lemmys, as well as the possibility to buy and sell from other collections and have them within the platform. The Lemmy will be available for already registered users and for future users. 

«Everything is going to be on the Polygon blockchain, which we are going to use, and each user is going to have a unique address on that blockchain with their NFT. In other words, he’s going to have a Web3 login. This is important because we believe that in the future we are all going to live in Web3» – Marcelo Cavazzoli, CEO of Lemon Cash 

There are currently 100 million possible combinations. Generating the free Lemmy is available from August 2 for 10% of the users, the platform selected those who used the Lemon Card the most in the last 20 days for this first stage. From August 8 it will be available for the rest of the users. 

About Lemon Cash 

Lemon Cash is one of the most used exchanges in Argentina. The platform, which currently exceeds one million users, allows people with no experience in the field to acquire cryptocurrencies in an intuitive and simple way.

The startup, founded in 2019 in Argentina, offers the possibility of obtaining a prepaid Visa Contactless card, called «Lemon Card». Its main benefit is that the company will return 2% in bitcoin of all purchases made by that means.

Lemon Cash has the same benefits as any virtual wallet. Users can use this app to send and receive money from any account (bank or non-bank). However, the company’s success lies in the service of buying and selling cryptocurrencies oriented to people who are just starting to operate with digital assets.

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