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Learn2Me, the new way to learn about Cryptocurrencies, Web3 and Blockchain



Bit2Me implements new courses where users will be able to acquire knowledge while generating rewards.

Bit2Me, the number one cryptocurrency exchange in Spain, has launched a new cryptocurrency, web3 and blockchain training platform, Learn2Me, which will allow users to earn rewards while learning and integrating into the wider crypto ecosystem.

Learn2Me, consists of training based on earning money for acquiring knowledge. The feature of the Spanish company’s courses allows earning rewards while learning about these new technologies and these new forms of investment.

Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me, indicates that Learn2Me reflects the company’s commitment to improve the crypto education of the Spanish society, through new courses and free initiatives.

This new initiative is part of CryptoTour, the challenge that Bit2Me has set itself during 2022 to make Spain a benchmark for the cryptocurrency community.

Learn2Me is available at Bit2Me Academy, the reference training portal on cryptocurrencies in Spanish. Its main objective is to discover the main characteristics and operation of the whole variety of cryptocurrencies, obtaining tokens as rewards.

As published by «Observatorioblockchain», the first of the courses will be based on B2M, the utility token with which Bit2Me obtained 17.5 million euros of funding in the ICO it launched last year.

How Learn2me works

In order for users to participate in these courses and receive the rewards offered, it is necessary to register or be previously registered with the same email address in Bit2Me and Bit2Me Academy.

It is important to keep in mind that the email with which users register will be the one in which they will receive the tokens, that is why it is important to be the same email for both registrations.

In addition to this, it is also key to verify the account in order to be able to participate and get the reward that is given at the end of the learning process.

Interested users will have to complete the course in the time established for this purpose and they will also have to pass the final exam in order to receive their reward in tokens.

With this initiative the company seeks to increase the number of subscribers to its platform and in the same way users can expand their knowledge about their original token and all the wide range of existing cryptocurrencies, encouraging them to earn money while learning the art of web3 and blockchain.

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