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Leading Edge Newsletter, The Daily Ralpha, Informs 50,000 People, Spreads Pulse of NFT News & Industry Globally



Source: PRNewswire / The Daily Ralpha

 The Daily Ralpha, a daily NFT newsletter that provides a pulse of what’s going on in the NFT & Web3 space in a succinct and digestible format, is providing readers the ability to stay up to date on news, trends, and the latest happenings in the space within the span of a quick 5-minute read. The newsletter, which has been in circulation for over a year, also includes the largest curated directory of NFT tools, allowing newcomers to the space as well as seasoned experts the ability to discover the latest utilities and innovative collections. 

The Daily Ralpha

Initially created by Ralph Quintero as a way to inform family and friends, The Daily Ralpha has since grown to over 50,000 daily readers with an extremely loyal and devoted readership audience. The newsletter’s success can be partially attributed to Quintero’s track record as a strategist, entrepreneur, advisor, and community builder. Having transacted billions of dollars in sales, leading award-winning global teams and communities, and after founding multiple businesses in the tech, CE, and marketing sectors, this newsletter venture is perhaps a surprising but natural venture for Quintero, who is extremely passionate about NFTs and the future of Web3.

Now, The Daily Ralpha is captivating a global audience with market intel, drops to watch, early project finds, news, jobs, tools, and much more. In fact, readers happily provide consistent reviews that praise the usefulness and quality of this daily must-read, saying, «Probably the most important and insightful daily report on the NFT industry and market!» and «I look forward to this like the morning Wall Street Journal in the driveway!» 

Providing just the right amount of high quality and interesting content, The Daily Ralpha is emerging as the most anticipated and well-read addition to any inbox. Its ongoing commitment to keeping readers informed and up to date in an easily digestible format that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, is what makes this particular newsletter one that deserves a sign-up. 

To learn more about The Daily Ralpha and to sign up, visit and engage with the Ralpha community on Twitter

About Daily Ralpha

The Daily Ralpha is a widely read NFT newsletter that covers broad NFT market data, including; what’s going on with ETH, what drops are worth watching every day, the best NFT tools, Web3 jobs, NFT news, and more. It provides just the right amount of information that can be enjoyed within the span of 5-minutes for a pulse of the industry with insight and brevity. The Daily Ralpha also features the largest curated directory of NFT tools for traders, investors, and beyond.

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