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Keanu Reeves enters the NFT world with his partner, artist Alexandra Grant



The two created a program called Futureverse Foundation in order to fund digital creators.

Keanu Reeves, a Hollywood action movie hero, has retracted his earlier comments about non fungible tokens (NFT). Now in a positive way, in this case as an ambassador for emerging artists looking to develop in all things blockchain.

In December, the actor gave a thumbs down (laughs) after being asked in an interview about the idea of digital scarcity and digital collectibles. Reeves commented that digital items are easily reproduced.

According to the portal «theverge», the actor joined a project of Non-Fungible Labs, acting as an advisor to a program called Futureverse Foundation, which aims to improve «the digital and physical worlds through the support of diverse artists and creative communities».

The actor and star of the renowned Matrix movie, along with his partner Alexandra Grant, created The Futureverse Foundation, a partnership to fund NFT creators.

The art connection here isn’t exactly a surprise: Reeves’ partner, Alexandra Grant, is a prolific artist whose work has appeared in many exhibitions, according to her website. She is also an advisor to the foundation and appears in a video released by Non-Fungible Labs to announce and explain the initiative.

In a press release from the Futureverse Foundation, Grant calls it «one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever worked on» and says she hopes to «dream up a new model for arts philanthropy.»

About the Futureverse Foundation

The foundation is responsible for supporting artists and showcases their work on digital and physical platforms. In addition, it will award them grants and help nurture their unique artistic talent. It also seeks to keep the metaverse broadly accessible, healthy and evolving.

Arts funding is a challenge for all artists and all nonprofits. Imagining with the Non-Fungible Labs team, a new model of arts philanthropy, which can have a lasting impact in the digital and real realms.

Basically TThe Futureverse Foundation will grant collaborations to support diverse artists. On the one hand, these artists will be able to share their work on global platforms. In addition, FLUF World’s new charitable foundation will help make the Metaverse a more accessible and inclusive space.

The way to select the winners of the grants to be awarded is through a nomination process. To that end, the Futureverse Foundation will communicate with the FLUF World community to highlight and nominate the causes they care about and that are most relevant. It is likely that this initiative will continue the work that FLUF World has been committed to for some time. For example, FLUF World has raised more than $2 million for various causes since its launch.

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