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JunGo set to Launch Genesis NFT Mystery Box



Source: BSC News

Genesis NFT Mystery Box Sales Event

As the first strategy game on the GameFi market that uses a physics engine to simulate shooting battles, JunGo will open sales for the Genesis NFT Mystery Box on August 24, 2022.

Further Details on Genesis Mystery Box

The total number of Genesis Mystery Boxes is 3,000, with a total of 15 animals (heroes). Each Mystery Box will randomly spawn ONE hero upon opening, and the rarity of the Genesis Mystery Boxes include N(Normal), R(Rare), and SR(Super Rare). Players will gain a first-mover advantage by opening Genesis Mystery Boxes. Also, they can freely trade them in the Market Place.

JunGo held a series of community events before the Genesis NFT Mystery Box sales, enabling players to actively participate, get rewards while learning about the game in-depth, and whitelist their wallet addresses.

The sale of the Genesis Mystery Box NFT marks a new stage in the research and development of the JunGo project. According to JunGo’s roadmap, after the completion of the Genesis Mystery Box event, IDO and game packaging and alpha testing will be ushered in, which means that the official launch of the game has entered the countdown.

While there are diverse GameFi projects in the current market, We have done something fascinating by starting with a game that is fun to play. 

JunGo retains the essence of traditional games to the greatest extent in terms of game graphics and operation feeling, including a realistic physics engine, exquisite and original vertical painting, soft-colored graphics and painting, smooth blow, and dynamic sound effects. However, all these features have been integrated into a grand and interesting game worldview – JunGo Metaverse.

Other GameFi projects may offer some kind of passive playing with rules in the smart contracts. While you may be able to earn with some of these projects, they may not really be fun to play. On the other hand, JunGo is a game you want to play not just because of the earning possibilities but because of the exciting gameplay.

 When JunGo goes live and adds the streaming in-game, we expect it to capture a significant share of the number of active players. This kind of GameFi hasn’t yet emerged, so we have worked hard to build it and can’t wait to get you playing.

JunGo’s excellent game balance is not only reflected in the game characters but also the game output. JunGo’s NFT characters have different skills, weaknesses, and strengths. For example, each animal attacks differently: some are good at attacking ropes, some are good at attacking heroes, and some are good at applying various buffs. Therefore, a suitable strategy is crucial. In addition, the game adopts a dual-token incentive model, which balances the cost and output, so that every user can win the income fairly.

The Team

We have an international team of game veterans, DeFi experts, and senior blockchain engineers from Europe, America, and Asia. Our team members have worked with top companies. 

Eric, the co-founder, came into blockchain and crypto in 2017 and later became an NFT collector and trader. In addition, he’s an advisor on multiple NFT projects and works for Opera Browser as an NFT and Crypto consultant. 

JunGo will pay more attention to the connectivity and interoperability of the NFT & Game communities. Also, we will subsequently create e-sports competitions and ranking systems, building new models for the future of GameFi, JunGo Metaverse, and Web3.

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