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Japan’s top team Hiroshima Dragonflies announces its NFT launch in the NFT market in Binance



Source: GlobeNewswire / Hiroshima Dragons

Hiroshima Dragonflies, the top team of Japan’s professional basketball B League (equivalent to Japan’s NBA), announced that it would launch Japanese basketball NFTs in the NFT market in Binance.

Hiroshima NFTs will include two series of pictures series and star card series in actual games, such as shooting, dunk and defense. Through transformation and reprocessing, it has great entertainment value and collection value. NFTs will be sold in two forms: display and «blind box». NFT will be divided into, Epic, Rare and Common, with an estimated price of about $ 30-700 /NFT.

In the ecological planning map of Hiroshima Dragonflies NFT platform, NFT can also be used as a virtual pass for sports events. Fans can even play virtual games directly with their favorite players and interact with them. In the virtual city of Metaverse, holding NFT can own the virtual team and participate in online competitions.

The follow-up planning of Hiroshima NFT platform will cooperate with mainstream blockchain games to produce Web3.0 blockchain competition videos. Bring this sport closer to fans through Web3.0. The platform may airdrop some exclusive benefits to NFT star card holders, including player signatures and limited edition jerseys, and exclusive discounts for game tickets. In the future planning, the token (cryptocurrency) of basketball league will airdrop benefits.

Hiroshima Dragonflies is a professional basketball team with its headquarters in Hiroshima, Japan. In August 2013, Hiroshima Dragonflies officially became a member of the Japanese Professional Men’s Basketball League (NBL). In September, 2016, Hiroshima Dragonflies joined the «B League» (equivalent to the domestic super league) after NBL’s innovation and reorganization.

On April 24th, 2020, Hiroshima Dragonflies was promoted from B2 to B1 (Japan’s highest level professional basketball league, equivalent to Japan’s NBA), which was the first time since the club was founded.

The goal of Hiroshima Dragonflies is to strengthen communication and cooperation with the community through basketball, to establish a basketball club that everyone can enjoy together regardless of age, gender or nationality, and to be committed to the healthy development of young people, the promotion of sports and the revitalization of the region.   

Binance NFT market link:

Media Contact

Contact: Ryo Mimura

Company Name: Hiroshima Dragonflies Corporation

Address: 2-15-17,kusatsushinmachi, Nishi-ku Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima,733-0834,Japan


Email: hdfpr (at)

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