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idexo Launches Updated NFT Platform For Innovators Enabling Applications to Be Launched in Minutes Instead of Months



Source: PRNewswire / idexo

idexo is pleased to announce that it has launched its updated NFT Platform For Innovators, radically reducing the time, cost and complexity of creating major application innovations.

Benefits of using this platform include:

The NFT Platform For Innovators
  • Achieving a faster time to market for NFT innovations.
  • Avoiding the opportunity cost of spending scarce resources on non-core and non-differentiating activities that can instead be achieved in minutes instead of months using idexo’s platform.
  • Increasing ability to focus more on core innovation mission value.
  • Ability to quickly unlock growth hacks to community and marketing growth and engagement using NFTs.
  • Achieving high quality NFT innovations that span a broad range of industry use cases in less time and at less cost, complexity and execution risk.

Key features of this platform include: 

  • Continued and improved support of 1-line-of-code snippets through the idexo SDK / API enabling easy web2 and web3 integration via API calls, first launched by idexo in February 2021
  • Customization, training, consulting and onboarding services, including custom smart contract and dapp UI development – key innovations can be fully built in less time than it takes to recruit new resources
  • Fully featured hosted and custom-branded Dapp User Interfaces, available with the click of a button instead of months of costly development
  • Instant organization of smart contracts in web app of all smart contracts launched either through the no code SaaS app or low code SDK
  • NFT Creation Software that simplifies the creation of NFT collections of different types and use cases, as well as the minting of those NFTs. Gathering all of the smart contracts, media and metadata from different chains in one place enables the creation of a single source of truth for all NFT work.
  • NFT Minting and Drops utilities such as whitelisted and lottery mints and drops
  • NFT Surveys management application and hosted UI, enabling anyone to gain insights from any NFT Community in an incentivized way
  • NFT Utilities library enabling a variety of use cases such as ticketing, voting, staking, membership, token gating and more
  • Soulbound Tokens Creator, enabling the creation of lasting relationships, membership, attestation, and accreditation applications
  • Updated NFT Marketing software, making it even easier to launch campaigns that integrate with Telegram, Twitter and others and enabling community growth hacks

idexo currently integrates all of these features with Arweave, Avalanche, BNBChain, Dogechain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon and has partial support for Solana and is continually adding new blockchain integrations, with several more announcements coming soon.

«The idexo team has put a lot of hard work over many months into this new release,» says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo. «We are looking forward to seeing how partners use this product to achieve their industry-disrupting innovations and how those innovations will move the market forward.»

To get started with idexo’s platform, users can access a trial by using the Getting Started form available on idexo’s website.


idexo envisions a world where decentralized applications pervade every industry in the $88Trillion/year world economy the way the Internet does.

idexo’s mission is to empower innovators to create these industry-disrupting applications.

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