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Idexo Announces Third MultiChain Gang NFT Launch on Solana Taking Place July 27th 2022



Source: PR Newswire / Idexo

idexo is pleased to announce the third blockchain launch of its MultiChain NFT collection, launching on Solana on July 27th, and available for free minting for followers of idexo on Twitter and members of its Telegram group. On Twitter, users can enter to mint with a tweet and on Telegram through a simple command with its idexobot Telegram bot.

The MultiChain Gang NFT Collection spans multiple blockchains with each NFT unique across all chains. In addition, NFTs from different chains can be combined to spawn a new upgraded NFT that has the badges of the chains visited. With this third blockchain launch, users will now be able to combine NFTs from Ethereum, BNBChain and Solana to upgrade to MultiChain NFTs.

The second BNBChain launch is happening on Thursday, July 14th.

The Ethereum launch happened from June 29th to July 12th. 75 free NFTs were minted with a further 100 being minted and listed on OpenSea with proceeds going to a DAO-like spendable voting contract controlled through votes by NFT holders to be spent on ways to promote the collection and idexo. The remaining 225 NFTs available in the collection will be upgraded NFTs.

Full details of the Ethereum, BNBChain and Solana launches are available on the MultiChain Gang launch details post.

«We are happy and excited to be launching a big mint on Solana as a way to launch all of our tools and support for integration with their chain,» says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo, «In addition to this MultiChain Gang mint, anyone will now be able to create and support advanced NFT applications on Solana quickly and easily using our web application and/or SDK.»

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