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Hostile Crypto Inc. Launches Metaverse Shakeup With HC Hogz™ NFT Gaming Project



Source: PRNewswire / Hostile Crypto Inc.

Hostile Crypto Inc.  announced the limited pre-release of its ground-breaking HC Hogz™ NFTs. The premint of just 2750 HC Hogz™ characters is the first stop on a game development road-map planned as an all-out fight-game assault on Web 3.

The full release of 6666 Hogz NFTs will be available for minting on Investors in the HC Hogz™ NFT release will earn unique in-game perks and be invited to help guide Hostile Crypto’s mission to upend the digital verse.

HC Hogz NFT Takeover (CNW Group/Hostile Crypto Inc.)

The HC Hogz™ project is creating a thrilling fight-game entertainment environment with real estate in the Metaverse, and an ultimate goal of in-game earning for players. The game storyline, based on the exploits of a hard-living gang of misfit motorcycle outlaws, guarantees maximum mayhem. HC Hogz™ will be crypto powered, building community engagement through direct input from NFT stakeholders. HC Hogz™ society is harsh –nomadic, chaotic, armed and violent. But the organized forces aiming to shut down the Hogz outlaw tribe are even more brutal and unrelenting.

Three fully animated 3D Hogz game character NFT’s will be on offer in the release. Each is a masterwork of 3D rendering, featuring quality that’s light years ahead of previous generations of NFT Apes and Kitties. Though life-like, Hogz ain’t pretty. These are the lead characters in a powerhouse fight game riffing off the exploits of badass modern-era pirates. It takes cunning and strong character to hold on to criminal independence in a changing world.  These Hogz have it.     

Each of the three characters on offer in Hostile Crypto’s pre-lease are premiere warriors, destined to rule in the Hogz game ecosystem:

The Boss Hog presents as cunning, ruthless and power-hungry. Could be he sees more deeply than he lets on, making tough calls to keep his outlaw clan together … and alive.

The Enforcer Hog is all action, with all the courage and war tactics to keep unruly outlaws in line – or else.  In all situations, he focuses on results, reminding all that «there’s no honor in striking the wind.»

The Sketchy Hog is danger in a jar – unpredictable, savage, and lethal in any fight situation.  He craves respect – but is usually too impulsive to hold on to it.

HC Hogz™ is the first game planned for release by Hostile Crypto Inc.   The company’s game plan?  To shake up the Metaverse vision, by purchasing ‘land’ and building a clubhouse where members can connect, and ultimately a full-on Sin City influenced post apocalyptic playground.  There have been great warrior games. There have been great crime-world games. But there’s never been anything like HC Hogz™ –the evolution of hard-core gaming.  Early membership is lucrative– with the HC Hogz™ NFT pre-release.

About Hostile Crypto Inc.

Hostile Crypto Inc. are Alberta-Canada based crypto-powered game-space developers carving out truly exciting gaming experiences for the coming world of Web 3.  Partnered with a team of sophisticated and highly experienced animators and backed by significant investors, the company is leveraging its knowledge of the crypto space to pioneer unique gaming environments.

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