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Hominins – The Inaugural Historical NFT Collection From TheInfiniteDrop



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In an effort to combine the forward-thinking technologies of the Web3 realm with the wondrous, non-fictional happenings of the past, TheInfiniteDrop (TID), a historical NFT research institute working alongside world-renowned academics and legacy artists, will be bringing the monumental and sometimes under-documented journey of human beings to the blockchain.

To do so, the project has six separate historical NFT (hNFT) drops in store, with each looking transform the way in which value is perceived in NFTs by emphasizing tangible ‘content’ and ‘utility’ with a focus on education and art as opposed to arbitrary ‘rarity’ which is commonly seen in many PFP projects.

The Hominins hNFT Drop 

In a first-of-its-kind project which combines the expertise of artists, scholars, museums, and galleries, the inaugural hNFT instalment from TID is entitled ‘Hominins,’ a set of 12 different ape-like faces which each depict a stage in the six million year evolutionary journey of human beings.

Handcrafted by world-renowned paleo artist John Gurche, each of the 12 ape-like species will contain 88 editions, which will each be available for minting on OpenSea from June 24th for a price of 0.38 ETH

As with all TID hNFTs, each asset in the collection possesses a uniform rarity score, to reinforce the notion that exclusivity is not the focus here, but rather, educational and artistic value is. Such is the supreme craftsmanship and painstaking detail, eight of the Hominins are permanently exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution’s Hall of Human Origins.

Future hNFT Drops 

The utility plan for Hominins hNFTs, as well as the five other future hNFT drops (which will each cost between 0.18 ETH and 0.38 ETH), consists of an array of tangible rewards. Any hNFT holder (from any of the six collections) will receive a hardcover anthology of the 2022/23 hNFT editions titled ‘The Future of the Past’.

Those who mint eight hNFTs across the six drops will also receive a Global Museum Pass which’ll grant them free access to over 100 of the world’s most coveted museums for a year. Alternatively, the most dedicated of collectors who mint 24 hNFTs will have the choice of ignoring the previous reward, in favour of receiving a 33×33 inch state-of-the-art digital Tokenframe screen, which they can use to display their NFTs in a location of their choice. 

These augmented utilities also come alongside a rich array of educational and artistic values which will be embedded into each hNFT. In addition, TID will be donating 3% of all hNFT sales to, The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the American Historical Association, three organizations which are dedicated to preserving accurate historical research.


As each hNFT project is centered around a different part of human history, the TID is endowed with a diverse faculty which features an array of different experts and academics from fields which cover many corners of anthropology, sociology, and art.

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