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Hacked twitter account leaves at least $100,000 in damages



NFT Artist DeeKay said he would seek ways to compensate victims of the attack.

During the past week computer pirates hacked DeeKay Kwon’s Twitter account to share a fake mint site. The unfortunate event occurred on Friday morning, the hacker posted a tweet with a phishing link to a malicious website from DeeKay’s Twitter account. 

As soon as the artist noticed it, he tried to diffuse the information, unfortunately several of his followers were quickly duped.

The website of the link had been created 2 weeks ago, and was an identical copy of the artist’s portal. DeeKay’s followers who followed the link were tricked into signing transactions on a malicious smart contract. The post claimed that DeeKay was launching a new NFT collection that would be exclusive to only 1,000 people. 

According to the NFT Evening, the link phishing website instructed victims to claim fake NFTs. However, after the user approved the transaction to claim these assets, the attacker gained access to their crypto wallets. Then, the attacker stole the NFTs from the victims’ wallets.

For now, DeeKay said that he has started communicating with those affected and has initiated a process to find a way to compensate the victims of the hack. However, the artist also expressed that he is not sure if this is the right course of action because he thinks that malicious actors could benefit from this opportunity by posing as victims.

“This also encourages hackers to keep doing their thing since I am the one covering the mess. Part of me says reimbursement should not be a standard way to react, and another part of me says I should still find a way to compensate and find a balance.” 

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