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Google continues with its Web3 strategy and joins the Ronin blockchain



Source: Observatorioblockchain / Jennifer Maldonado

Google, the largest investor in Web3, has become a validator for the Ethereum-based Ronin blockchain. It also operates nodes on the Hedera Hashgraph and Theta Network networks. Google has signed an agreement with video game developer Sky Mavis, developer of the Ronin network, through its Google Cloud cloud computing division. The alliance will help ensure the stability and reliability of the Ronin network, which is where the popular play-to-earn game Axie Infinity takes place.

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Similarly, the world’s most famous search engine also established a partnership with Dapper Labs to help boost the scalability of the Flow network, focused on gaming and NFTs. The company has also collaborated since 2019 with the Chainlink blockchain oracle network. With all these alliances, the Internet giant continues to expand towards Web3, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by project developers within the crypto industry. The famous search engine has invested a total of $1,506 million in Blockchain and Web3 companies during the last year, including Dapper Labs. 

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Google Web3 Ronin

As part of its alliance with Sky Mavis, Google Cloud will operate a node on the Ronin network to contribute to its security and stability . Ronin developers are partnering with reputable global companies to protect its integrity. Ronin Network, an Ethereum-based sidechain, suffered one of the biggest hacks recorded in the crypto industry last March. During the cyberattack, Ronin lost more than $600 million. Since then, the creators of this network have been taking a series of measures to strengthen and guarantee its security. Among them, the dismissal of the old network validators and the increase of new validators. 

The arrival of Google Cloud as a validator for the Ronin Network was confirmed by the company that develops the blockchain during the AxieCon event. A conference that brought together the most experienced leaders of Web3 to build the future of Axie. According to Sky Mavis, Google has been collaborating with the project since 2020 . Primarily as a strategic cloud provider and has now become Ronin’s 18th validator. 

Sky Mavis has chosen Google Cloud to develop other features within its ecosystem. For example, to support the advanced load balancing and caching features of your content delivery network. The goal is to deliver seamless and reliable experiences to all users, anywhere, on any device; especially for those located in remote areas and with intermittent connections. The general manager of Google Cloud in Southeast Asia, Ruma Balasubramanian, said that the collaboration with Sky Mavis could bring entertaining experiences for its users or new business models in game distribution. 

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Web2 y Web3 

The alliance between Ronin and Google is a clear example of how the old Web2 companies are collaborating with the new Web3 startups to position themselves and continue to lead the internet industry. In the case of Ronin, the company reported that Google will contribute to the construction of a new universe of games with interrelated, immersive and rewarding experiences for everyone. 

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Aleksander Larsen, co-founder of Sky Mavis, said that choosing Google as Ronin’s network validator was «one of the best options.» In addition to Google, other crypto industry companies and projects such as Efficient Frontier,, and Community Gaming also joined last month as validators to operate nodes on the Ronin Network and contribute to collective governance. The main purpose idea is to build a more secure blockchain and that the transactions are processed correctly in it. 

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Axie Infinity y Google

The Ronin Network hack has not discouraged its community. In fact, the developers continue to work on expanding the Axie Infinity gaming ecosystem. Currently, the developers have launched a series of experiences around Axie Infinity Origins, a new season of games that brings improvements, fixes and news to the Axie community. 

The creators of this blockchain video game announced this month the launch of App.Axie , integrating improvements to boost economic activity within the game and to incorporate the growing Axie nation into the digital ecosystem. 

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