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Emporio NFT analyzes DeRace! one of the NFTs with the most potential at the moment



DeRace is a successful NFT game about horse racing and betting. Its token is based on Ethereum, one of the most serious and secure networks of all. In this post we’re going to show you about what the game is about, our impressions and how to start.

DeRace is the first Blockchain-based decentralized horse platform that unites a large number of horse and racing enthusiasts in a large community where you can buy and breed NFT horses. Also, you are able to bet on horse racing in real time and organize races in different racetracks of your property to obtain real profits.

EmporioNFT believe that DeRace is different from many other NFT games. We find in it a combination of 3 multi-million dollar markets continuously growing: Video games, gambling and horse racing, future leaders of the betting market. All linked by blockchain and NFT technologies.

When we enter the DeRace website ( we find an aesthetic and modern website where we can find all the information about the project. From the game developers, roadmaps, project partners (like Binance NFT and DAO Maker, that are always in serious projects) to the project Whitepaper which is one of the most serious where we can find up to Market studies!

The token has a supply of 120 million, quite low, in our opinion it has probability of growing since there is not a great supply of the token, comparing it with PVU that has 300 millions. DeRace has a much lower availability.

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