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Doodles NFT hires Pharrell Williams as CBO



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Doodle NFT chooses Pharrell Williams , the music producer, as Brand Director expanding his team with high-profile people. el anno El ncement was made in front of Doodle followers on NFT.NYC.

Meanwhile, Meta Platform is also developing new audio tools for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Doodles NFT adds Pharrell Williams to its team 

During the NFT.NYC event, in front of NFT Doodles holders, the project announced that it has a «new addition» to the team as chief brand officer: Pharrell Williams . This is the announcement on the social network: 

“Announcement 1: @sevensevensix of @alexisohanian will lead the first ever Doodles fundraiser, with founding partner @katelin_cruse joining our Board of Directors.

“Announcement 2: @Pharrell joins the team as a board member and chief brand officer. He will executive produce music projects, produce animated film and television, and direct creative product launches.”

Williams reportedly appeared on the big screen during the event. with a video dedicated to the crowd of Doodles NFT holders , commenting on the news as follows:

“I am a big fan of the brand. We are going to build from the core community outwards and take Doodles to new heights, new levels.”

Garabatos NFT had also recently announced the project’s new general manager, Julián Holguín , who arrived in May from Billboard. 

Apparently, in this crypto winter period, which is also affecting the NFT industry, Doodles is targeting attractive high-profile figures to ride the wave. 

Meta introduces new AI tools that include sound

Remaining focused on Metaverse, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), Meta platform announced the development of three new Artificial Intelligence (AI) models dedicated to sound and acoustics. 

With the goal of making sounds more realistic in immersive metaverse experiences , Meta has created Visual-Acoustic Matching, Visually Informed Reverb, and VisualVoice 

These are, therefore, three models made available to developers that focus on human speech and sounds in videos, designed to take us towards a more immersive reality at a faster pace. 

The new models follow on from something Meta has already pioneered with its first generation of Ray-Ban Stories Lenses that include outdoor speakers that deliver sound directly to the ears. 

Gucci collaborates with SuperRare and The Sandbox welcomes Time Square

Recently, it seems that the NFT industry has been up against global giants. 

On the one hand, the Italian fashion brand Gucci , which, to continue its NFT journey, has teamed up with SuperRare to create its own online space called Vault Art Space 

On the other, TIME SQUARE entering the Sandbox metaverse through its collaboration with TIMEPieces , becoming a virtual hub for art and commerce 

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