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DeviantArt Emerges to Defend the Copyright of Everyday Artists



Source: Nftplazas / Russell

As the world of NFTs has evolved at breakneck speed, so has the number of bad actors that inhabit it increased. Therefore, reports come in thick and fast of artworks being wrongly appropriated with the aim of making a quick buck.

To combat this injustice, huge user-generated art repository, DeviantArt, built its own safeguard. A self-governing protocol that indexes NFTs over nine different blockchains, then checks them against its own platform. Through this project, it indexed over 400 million artworks, identifying 300k copyright infringements.

Realizing these previous efforts didn’t go far enough, DeviantArt has now developed a new system. Essentially, a set of decentralized checks and balances to combat the rising tide of decentralized art theft. So, at great cost to the company, DeviantArt has built the ‘Protect Protocol’. A fine and absolutely free to use web wide tool for anyone to use regardless of DeviantArt status, all with the singular goal of protecting artists and creators from the bad actor scourge. Once spotted, the team will aid the artist in the takedown, and have the NFT purged from the marketplaces on which it resides.

In a world where money rules, DeviantArt has taken a hit to protect the everyday artist. Hats off to them, and everyone involved!

Visit the Protect Protocol >> Here

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