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Developers write code to protect NFT projects from the ‘Aoki Curse’



Source: Cryptonews

Azuki developer Cygaar_dev has jokingly written code that would prevent Steve Aoki from buying NFT projects, to avoid the «curse of Aoki.»

NFT project owners, tired of @Steve Aoki buying into your project and dropping the floor? Here are a couple of lines of code you can add to your contract to prevent this from happening. With this code in place, he can never hurt you or your possessors. — Cygaar (@cygaar_dev) August 10, 2022

In a tweet on August 10, the Azuki developer told NFT project owners that they are tired of seeing Aoki buy their projects and the minimum price drops to add the code to their contract.

«With this code in place, he can never hurt you or your possessors.»

Meanwhile, NFT projects like Edgehogs have also included joke codes to prevent Aoki from buying their project.

Hey @Steve Aoki we hear you’re famous for bringing bad luck to #NFT projects. We’ve taken care of that — Edͩgeͤhͪoͦgs ⛓ (@EdgehogsNFT) April 29, 2022

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