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Crolon Mars have recently released their Non Fungible Token offering, in the form of 3D Artwork, which will lead to the art being migrated as characters within not only their Mars Metaverse, but also with the Multiverse, A concept to link multiple metaverses across the globe into a wide reaching community, promoting inclusivity and knowledge sharing.

Working alongside their partners, RMT,  POODL TokenSEEK Token, SNAFU Elite & ILotto, the guys at Crolon Mars have already commenced with building a safe and trusted community in which they can all work together to provide innovative technology. The Multiverse concept is not something that has been done before and is something that may disrupt the big players, when it comes to efficacy and the ability to migrate between companies and their offerings. 

For now though, their 3D NFT Offering has caused major waves, with over 100 NFT’s minted already via their Dapp, which with current market conditions, is seen as a huge achievement. NFT Proceeds are accounted for and added to their operations wallet, in which they show their balance sheets weekly to keep investors posted on any expenditure or updates. 

Crolon Mars is an Innovative project, formed in early 2022 with an aim to roll out a fully fledged Mars Metaverse, with land & other non-fungibles ready for purchase when released. Team members are huge on safety and have completed two separate KYC documents, in which their personal details are securely stored, to alleviate any investor concerns. They have already completed 4 separate contract audits as well to ensure the safety of their Project:

We spoke to the guys at Crolon Mars for a review of their project:

CROLON MARS , a cryptocurrency that will allow users to transfer BSC to CRO for FREE. Users would only need to hold some of the token to benefit from this revolutionary concept. A percentage of the purchase and sale fees aims to cover this expense, backed up with advertisement profits gained from our Play to Earn (P2E) games.

Play our retro style intergalactic themed games and earn our token. But how is this even possible? These easy to play and fun games will be automatically paused during gameplay prompting the player with 2 simple options. Either «skip the ad» and continue play with minimal interruption (particularly if just about to diminish the end level Boss). Or allow the advertisement to continue for approximately 30 seconds and earn our token directly to the wallet.

Unique one of a kind NFT’s including Mutant Apes, Astronauts, Aliens and Ufology. Created by a selection of exceptional artists from around the world. These extraordinary collections will be sure to explode onto the Cronos blockchain. Owners will be able to trade there NFT’s on a rapidly increasing market which continues to grow substantially each year. Although holding onto the CROLON NFT may be the wisest decision ever made!

A Mars Metaverse, created on the Cronos Blockchain accessible to anyone owning a CROLON NFT. Mars, the 4th planet from Earth’s sun was formed 4.5 Billion years ago and we as humans have only scratched the surface (a crust rich in Iron) achieved remotely, with the use of robotic probes sent from Earth. Now CROLON takes exploration on Mars to an unprecedented level. A Metaverse where explorers can build, create and own land on Mars. A truly exciting Virtual Reality (VR) experience compatible with mobile and pc platforms.

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