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Chibi Dinos Announced NFT Mystery Box for Primal HOOP



Source: EIN News

Chibi Dinos, the NFT project is bridging web3 and blockchain gaming with NBA hype culture is announcing its one of a kind Mystery Box today with QGlobe, the official wholesale distributor of the Chibi Dino’s Primal HOOP play to earn game, which will be launching on Binance NFT.

With NBA player cards and in-game assets, this Mystery Box provides an early advantage at earning $HOOP Coin cryptocurrency in the soon arriving Primal HOOP video game. As the first arcade style play to earn game backed by NFTs, a player’s Primal HOOP earnings are determined by their in-game success with their playing character. The Chibi Dinos Champions Collection features active NBA players in a Mystery Box for the first time ever, creating a “rookie” card event for Binance NFT with this coming release. Primal Hoop is the first arcade style game offering users control of their own destiny, and this Binance NFT exclusive gives Mystery Box owners an early advantage for success.

Releasing exclusively through Binance NFT Mystery Boxes are Chibi Dinos athlete’s player cards. There will be a total of 10,500 mystery boxes released at a cost of 70 BUSD per box. The boxes will have been broken down into 4 different rarities ranging from Normal to Super Super Rare. Chibi Dinos also offers the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards for collecting multiple special cards from the set. These cards will give access to limited future drops and valuable training within the game world of Primal Hoop. Holders will see an immediate advantage through training, boosting their basketball IQ and in-game performance. Additionally, holders will receive future benefits that include NFT drops, event access with Chibi Dinos NBA athletes, and a suite of gameplay perks only available to holders. Rewards will be distributed to holders directly from the Chibi Dinos team.

Primal Hoop is a blockchain gaming universe of adventure and competition. Players will explore, grow, compete, and earn in various basketball trials and 3v3 tournaments in a first of its kind arcade sports adventure RPG. Gear up to explore, hit the gym, and settle it on the court, and put your Chibi Dinos NFTs to the test.

“We selected Chibi Dinos Primal Hoop out of all the other web3 games that applied for this mystery box opportunity because of their high quality and fun play to earn game combined with the timely proximity to this upcoming NBA season. Given the caliber of NBA athletes backing the project, the narrative and storyline will continue to grow as this limited collection of NFTs brings love and utility to the Binance NFT community,” said Apollo Green CEO and Founder of QGlobe.

HOOP is awarded to players at the highest level of gameplay within the Chibi Dinos ecosystem. By making it to the finals, or participating in special organized events players will have the opportunity to receive HOOP in recognition of their efforts and performance. These rewards are limited in scope and may vary from season to season making HOOP earning events highly valuable and competitive. The HOOP token will be the gateway to high end and scarce digital assets within Primal Hoop. Chibi Dinos, limited supply special release gear, and Gyms the virtual real estate necessary for players to open a bootcamp that creates further earning potential, all will be denominated in HOOP.

For the first time, active NBA players will live on Binance’s BNB chain in support of the world’s first arcade style NFT backed game, where players control how well they do, and how much $HOOP Coin they earn. Primal HOOP players retain full control of their character during gameplay and earn $HOOP Coin cryptocurrency from the success of their gameplay. Chibi Dinos launches the $HOOP Coin and the much anticipated Primal HOOP video game soon after this historic mystery box launch on Binance NFT.

“It’s a real honor to collaborate with such an established team and organization like Binance NFT on our first new major NFT launch since the birth of Chibi Dinos. We look forward to this monumental moment not only because of how proud we are of these mystery boxes but also because we believe that this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship between our two organizations,” said Jeremy Lindblad, CEO of Chibi Dinos.

About Chibi Dinos
Chibi Dinos LLC is an NFT Company with a play-to-earn ecosystem providing the most innovative and entertaining utility for gamers and sports fans with playable NFT characters. Chibi Dinos are redefining the definition of play-to-earn, boasting a robust online game for holders to earn prizes and real-world experiences through live-stream basketball games. Use your Chibi Dinos NFTs to play on one of the ten basketball teams in the Chibi Dinos universe where players earn tokens, potions, rankings, gear, and more. Compete in tournaments, PVP games, or explore the Chibi Dinos adventure universe for rare items, unlockable content, asset advancement, and staking opportunities.

About QGlobe
QGlobe is the wholesale distributor of web3 games including Chibi Dinos Primal HOOP and many other games providing game publishers and entertainment producers with a multichannel distribution platform and whitelabel solutions to onboard high quality intellectual property and brands into metaverse and games. QGlobe is a gaming ecosystem with SaaS tooling for businesses and game studios to add utility, supply, and community-powered market making features to drive secondary sales metrics to in-game asset NFTs.

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