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Charlotte Agency Launches Crypto & NFT Marketing Services



Source: GlobeNewswire

Charlotte, NC based Crypto Marketing Agency is pleased to announce the launch of their all-inclusive marketing services for the crypto and NFT industries. The agency specializes in helping larger projects connect with as wide an audience as possible, and they look forward to helping their community push blockchain forward via innovation and partnership.

“We’ve been riding a wave towards an increasingly digital future for several years now,” remarks Jeff Gilden of Crypto Marketing Agency, “and many who are already aware of blockchain’s potential will understand just how much further we have to go. This progress is easier to see, in some ways, in crypto and NFTs, but many of the most interesting blockchain projects currently in the works still have a fundamental issue that they share with more traditional projects — a lack of public awareness, particularly among target audiences, can lead to a complete loss of momentum. This lack of momentum can be costly at best, and potentially end a project altogether at worst. With our help, however, you will never have to worry about this happening to your team. In fact, we aim to help you find more success than you ever thought possible.”

Gilden explains that Crypto Marketing Agency makes it a point to vet every project that comes to their attention. While there are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of large-scale ventures in progress, only a select few will demonstrate true innovation as well as ambition. Since the agency’s goal is to promote crypto, NFTs and so on as a whole, they exclusively assist on projects that stand to make a mark.

To date, Crypto Marketing Agency has invested their time in more than 150 blockchain projects and over 100 crypto projects that achieved greater success with the agency’s assistance. Their efforts have already led to these projects boasting a cumulative $200 million in boosted liquidity. The agency targets all available platforms, utilizing tried-and-tested strategies that have already proven to be of great value. In most cases, a project will need to build and maintain a specific identity in order to resonate with its community (and attract outside interest), and this happens to be an area where the agency is known to do their best work.

Whether a project requires crypto or NFT marketing assistance, the agency can deliver. Those who sign on will notice a number of immediate benefits, and Crypto Marketing Agency says that many more will become evident as time goes on. To begin with, the agency will promote the client’s product among target audiences, reaching out via Google, Telegram and more. Crypto Marketing Agency is equally adept at working with mainstream and defi channels to boost a project’s credibility and traffic — and this ultimately has an effect on its price and liquidity. Overall, the team aims to increase engagement across all areas.

In addition to this, the agency can implement a number of established digital marketing strategies that are already known to be highly effective (when deployed correctly). Search engine optimization (SEO), for instance, is one of the most sought after digital marketing services in the world, given its ability to produce distinct, trackable results at a fraction of the expense of other forms of advertising. Crypto Marketing Agency regularly analyzes how crypto is being discussed online (and how search engine algorithms react to such discussions), and this enables them to tweak a project’s online presence to ensure it receives a large volume of organic traffic. When done right, SEO can also be cumulative, so while some projects may only see a minor rise in traffic and interest when it first begins utilizing SEO, this can grow into a flood over the coming months and years.

Crypto Marketing Agency offers several other services as well, intended to balance this organic reach with more direct results. These services include Content Marketing, Marketing Automation (which can also have a cumulative effect), Native Advertising and more. The agency has also built a network of affiliates who work in the crypto and NFT space, and partnerships can be lucrative for all parties involved, especially given the size of the audiences some can command.

Gilden states, “A project that shows a lot of promise will sell itself to an extent among crypto enthusiasts, but you should not have to settle for this alone. Our team can help you access audiences you might once have thought impossible to reach, bringing in their attention as well as their investments. We know you have big plans for the future. We can help you exceed those goals by an order of magnitude.” See more about the agency here: Crypto Marketing Agency Profile.

Crypto Marketing Agency is the leading cryptocurrency marketing and advertising company that promotes Defi and blockchain driven projects. Those interested are invited to reach out on the Crypto Marketing Agency website to schedule a consultation with the team.

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