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‘Carter’ Director Byung-gil Jung Launches Multiverse-themed NFT Project Through ARKPIA



Source: PR Newswire / ARKPIA

  • As the first Korean movie director to launch an NFT, Jung expands upon characters from his action thriller ‘The Villainess’ to reflect the concept of a multiverse of villainesses
  • The creation of some of the characters in Jung’s new Netflix movie ‘Carter’ was inspired by his NFT artwork

ARKPIA, a global Non-Fungible Token (NFT) brand, has launched filmmaker Byung-gil Jung’s new NFT artwork, which embodies a multiverse concept envisioned by the director.

Acclaimed as a master of action for his film ‘The Villainess’, Jung has recently released ‘Carter’ on Netflix and is the first Korean movie director to launch an NFT. ‘The Villainess’ was invited to the 70th Cannes Film Festival for a midnight screening.

‘Carter’ Director Byung-gil Jung Launches Multiverse-themed NFT Project Through ARKPIA.

Jung’s NFT artwork, released through ARKPIA, is inspired by his previous film ‘The Villainess’ and is themed around his ‘Another Earth’ concept. The NFT is portrayed as a multiverse in which seven versions of a villainess each represent alternative styles and worldviews. Jung weaves together the unique characteristics, backgrounds and histories of each villainess in the NFT, building stories innovatively through what is presented as a vast universe with a cinematic feel.

The NFT designed by Jung takes the form of a profile picture (PFP) NFT. Having majored in oriental painting, Jung aspired to become a painter when he was at school and draws his own storyboard sketches before beginning work on new film projects. The tattoo of the main character, played by Joo Won, in Jung’s new Netflix movie ‘Carter’, which began streaming on August 5, was designed by Jung and draws inspiration from Korean painting. The background and characters of Jung’s NFT artwork employ a distinctly Korean ink wash painting style and illuminate Jung’s unique visual flair, combining his rich creative universes and evocative design philosophy.

«I’ve always thought hard about exactly how I should tell the stories I’ve spent such a painstakingly long time shaping,» said Jung. «NFT seemed like a way to unravel these stories in a new space, in a form that is totally different from movies. Interestingly, the inspiration for some of the characters in my new movie, ‘Carter’, came from this same NFT artwork project. Much time and effort has been dedicated to it and I hope the collaboration with ARKPIA will be an opportunity to share my work with an even wider community.»

‘Carter’, meanwhile, which was released on Netflix on August 5, is currently streaming to more than 190 countries. It is a real-time action movie in which the main character, Carter, awakes from a mysterious operation and must try to regain his memories while carrying out a perilous mission. According to FlixPatrol, which provides video-on-demand (VOD) charts and streaming ratings worldwide, ‘Carter’ is currently ranked number 2 in Netflix’s global movie rankings and ranked number 1 in Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam, Philippines and Jamaica.

«The experience of working with Director Jung in designing this NFT for the last three years has felt like a movie making process,» said Yohan Choi, CEO and Creative Director of ARKPIA. «I am delighted that after so much hard work and preparation, a high-quality NFT artwork that honors Jung’s unique creative outlook has finally been launched. As Jung is a director who attracts global interest based on his reputation as a master of the action genre, we have high expectations for his NFT launching, and ARKPIA will continue to set a course and a standard for NFTs through collaboration with world-class artists.»

Jung’s allow mint listing is scheduled on August 16, to be followed by public minting at the end of August. A detailed timeline will be shared via ARKPIA’s Discord and Twitter accounts.

The name ARKPIA is a combination of the words Ark and Utopia. It symbolizes the company’s desire for artists and art lovers around the world to embark on a journey together, boarding a figurative ark towards a new kind of digital utopia. ARKPIA’s strategy is to differentiate their digital art from tech-developer-based NFTs by creating a global network jointly with artists and releasing NFTs from a wide array of genres.

Following the launch of Jung’s NFT, ARKPIA will also soon unveil the NFT artworks of Florentijn Hofman, famous for his ‘Rubber Duck’ installation, world-renowned illustrator Sarah Beetson and ‘Macro War’ artist Ben Ouaniche, whose video has gained over 33 million views on YouTube. In addition, a graffiti artist from France with over one million followers on social media and a world-renowned U.S. pop artist are also scheduled to meet NFT collectors from all around the globe via ARKPIA.

In July, ARKPIA successfully secured investment from Korea Investment Partners and Neowiz and it plans to focus on signing more global artists to its artist portfolio and further expand its overseas business.

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