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California High-School Student Launches Innovative NFT Project to Support Students in Ukraine



Source: Globe Newswire / Mountain View Academy

 Mountain View Academy student Daisy Lan has announced the launch of an innovative new NFT series that will be launched in conjunction with Mountain View Academy’s 100-year anniversary. The projects will be dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian students displaced in the war. 

For Lan, the metaverse and blockchain technology is a way to make the world a better and more accessible place. Like her dad, who is the founder of multiple blockchain and crypto organizations, Daisy believes in the possibilities the metaverse and Web 3 world are creating through the world of NFTs. NFTs have become a global industry estimated to be worth more than $231 billion by 2030.

During Lan’s senior year, the industry saw millions of new entrants around the hype of prized PFP collections, like Bored Apes or Cosmic Kitties, as well as the opportunity for artists to sell directly to their fan base. Despite a tough schedule, Lan decided there was no better time to jump in, especially as the war in Ukraine has displaced more than 700,000 students from over 2,000 schools.

As an immigrant student, Lan moved with her family to the United States less than two years agoWith the move came a new language, new culture, and new perspective. But one thing that hasn’t changed is her heart to make the most of her opportunities, and with it, create opportunities for others. In just the short time she’s been in the United States, she has completed multiple certification courses in Blockchain Technology and Web 3 applications. 

Lan explains, “I took the opportunity in California to access some of the world’s best educators and learn first-hand how blockchain technology is impacting us and the potential it has on the future of the world. I hope to further pursue these topics in my college career.”

Before she graduates high school, Daisy will oversee the completion of an aspirational NFT project that will see 100 unique pieces of art sold and 100% of the proceeds going toward those students in Ukraine. Mountain View Academy is supporting the effort as well, proving that it is never too early to put action towards dreams in an effort to make a difference. 

Media Contact: Daisy Lan,

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