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Bitcoin-friendly El Salvador can become ‘Singapore of the Americas’ — VanEck adviser

VanEck strategy adviser Gabor Gurbacs expects a wave of new investment capital and immigration will push El Salvador’s economic growth in the coming years.



Source: Cointelegraph

El Salvador can follow Singapore’s lead and become a financial center in the Americas, according to Gabor Gurbacs, strategy adviser of investment management firm VanEck.

“I say often to portfolio managers and asset allocators that El Salvador has the potential to become the Singapore of the Americas,” Gurbacs explained in an Oct. 28 X (formerly Twitter) post.

Similar to what Singapore achieved in the late 1990s, Gurbacs expects new capital investment and immigration to be the main drivers behind El Salvador’s increased economic growth over the next few years.

His comments come in response to an Oct. 28 post by United States broadcaster and Bitcoiner Max Keiser, which was captioned “Move to #ElSalvador, The New Land of the Free.”

Keiser, who now lives in El Salvador, listed Bitcoin BTC $34,244 and the U.S. dollar’s legal tender status, a clean-up of Salvadoran crime, great beaches and great coffee as some of the main reasons the Central American country should be on everyone’s radar.

El Salvador’s status as an emerging economy became more prominent when Nayib Bukele was elected as the country’s president in June 2019.

El Salvador’s sovereign bonds have outperformed many other emerging markets this year, yielding an eye-popping 70% return by August. It even caught the attention of JPMorgan and other large investment banks.

Bukele and the El Salvador government made Bitcoin legal tender in September 2021 and rolled out a Bitcoin custodial wallet, Chivo Wallet, for all Salvadorans in the same week.

El Salvador is also tapping into its volcanic resources to power a Bitcoin mining operation startup, Volcano Energy, which launched in June after a $1 billion investment. Keiser serves as the company’s executive chairman.

Its first mining pool was launched following a partnership with Bitcoin miners Luxor Technology in October.

El Salvador appointed Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard as an economic advisor to the National Bitcoin Office in May. The country plans to accumulate Bitcoin as a strategy to clean out its debt within the next five years.

Bukele also made a bold move to eliminate all taxes on technology innovations in April, which could entice more entrepreneurs and foreign capital to move into the country.

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