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Bella Hadid transforms into a cyborg butterfly in teaser for her NFT collection CY-B3LLA



Source: DailyMail

Bella Hadid transformed into a cyborg butterfly in a teaser for her upcoming NFT collection CY-B3LLA created by NFT minting platform, reBASE.

The 25-year-old IMG Model’s slim 5ft9in figure went through a 3D body scan in order to create 11,111 unique 4K NFTs spread across 10 real-world regions, which will be revealed every seven days from July to September.

Fans that purchase CY-B3LLA will also receive identity passes to the CY-B3R GALA, which will be in person with Bella in attendance.

Hadid’s fixation with butterflies goes as far back as her 22nd birthday bash in 2018, which had a butterfly theme including winged insects decorating her four-tiered cake.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and the half-Palestinian, half-Dutch beauty’s face has totally transformed since she underwent rhinoplasty at age 14, but she denied having any other cosmetic procedures to Vogue in March.

The first chapter of CY-B3LLA’s journey will be set in Japan with themes including robotics, manga/anime, shibari, and cosplay.

Bella – who boasts 60.7M social media followers – said on the website: ‘CY-B3LLA is a digital revolution that seeks a revival of human connection. It is a celebration of high fashion, women in web3, and love that has no borders.’

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